Friday, December 9, 2011

Far East Movement Concert @ KL Live

Attended Far East Movement's Concert at KL Live last week with VIP tickets thanks to Jfook

Wasn't really a fan of FEM but after seeing them perform tonight, much respect has been given.

The concert stated that it opens at 8pm but knew better than to go in that early so decided to have some dinner first and dilly-dally before heading out to the event.(Even attended Mfest 2011 for a short while) Ended up reaching at 11pm due to crazy KL traffic.

But luckily upon reaching FEM has not gone on stage yet.

2011-12-03 23.06.10
#1 Crazy DJ person with crazy antics (doing pull ups for the crowd on the top floor) but sadly the crowd's response wasn't that enthusiastic.

2011-12-03 23.33.22
#2 Everyone eagerly awaiting for FEM to appear

But when that moment finally arrived, this picture perfectly sums up the atmosphere :

2011-12-03 23.07.40

Once they were on-stage, the entire place was filled with energy. And the mood of the crowd shifted immediately

2011-12-03 23.42.19
#4 Crowd getting pumped up from their appearance

2011-12-04 00.04.29
#5 Ever so full of energy

2011-12-04 00.04.39
#6 Raise your hands

2011-12-03 23.42.09

And finally some videos I managed to take (Available in Full HD)  :

Dancing Monkeyman + Crowdsurfing.

Encore + Saying Goodbye

At the end of that 2nd video Kev Nish took the phone while recording and fooled around with it. Unfortunately as soon as he took it, the back button was pressed and the recording stopped.

To view more pictures of the concert click here

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