Sunday, December 18, 2011

Heineken Green Space @ Vertigo Club, The Gardens

2011-12-13 21.16.50

Heineken Green Space by Dragonsoft
Date: 13 December 2011, Tuesday
Time: 7pm ‘til late
Venue: Bianco @ Vertigo Club (6th floor rooftop), The Gardens, Mid Valley
Theme: Step Into Tomorrow

Thanks to Melissa for the invites :)

2011-12-13 20.25.53
The entrance of Vertigo

2011-12-13 20.12.44

It was a low-key evening with Dragonsoft showing off it's RFID technology. Like the ones used in the last Hennessy Artistry / Johnnie Walker events. As well as Augmented Reality. Was given an RFID wristband to tag myself at the events as well as pictures taken.

The Augmented Reality technology. Very similar to QR codes but this one gives a 3D model on screen instead of Text/Links


2011-12-13 22.11.01
The ever so popular RFID tagging feature that uploads picture taken at events directly on your Facebook. Drunk pictures never be delayed again.

To see all the photos and tagged during the event click here


You can check out the pictures you've taken at the event here by tagging your RFID wristwatch.

2011-12-13 21.18.31

Heineken's event decoration has always been impressive.

2011-12-13 21.56.24
The Heineken Tesla decoration. Would love to have this in my room.  It will be such an awesome centre-piece

An overview video of Vertigo.

Kate and I 

The gang (Shii Teck, Elywn, Melly, Isaac,Kate,Benjamin, Kahmon, Yeong Boon, Jiayeen, Kelvin)

2011-12-13 22.29.48
My entry for Heineken's keg giveaway.

A few of us was hungry after the event so we headed to Old Klang Road for Ah Wang's Bah Ku Teh.

2011-12-13 23.37.00
The antisocials

2011-12-13 23.40.23

2011-12-13 23.39.31

Less text more pictures, who really reads thru these anyways?
Viva la revolution!


Isaac Tan said...

Lol!! What antisocials!

Ryan said...

HAHAHA memang antisocial moment

benjaminvai said...

itu kate oso doing the same thing. and u taking picture. so actually everyone was on their phone la

Merry Christmas!

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