Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pitbull Asia Tour Malaysia 2011 @ Sunway Surf Beach

Not really a fan of Pitbull but when opportunity arose I took advantage of it and manage to get myself passes to Pitbull's concert last week thanks to Leonard and Jackie

Before the concert even started there was a really heavy downpour but despite the setback it did not stop the crowd from braving on and partying.

Didn't really fancy getting wet so I went for Bubba Gump for some shrimp whilst waiting for the rain to stop.

#1 The surf beach flooded as if the water wasn't drained properly

2011-12-01 21.56.38
#2 The crowd anxiously awaiting for the star to emerge

2011-12-01 22.23.30
#3 Pitbull finally emerges

#4 Let it rain

2011-12-01 22.24.19
#5 Pitbull up close

2011-12-01 22.24.13
#6 More Pitbull

Pitbull says Hello!

2011-12-01 22.33.18
#7 Being sandwiched in crowd. 

Overall the concert was just so-so to me. It would be nicer if the concert was set in a club setting (which is where his songs best belong to lol). After the concert several Pitbull imitators was seen taking pictures with the 'fans' with no-one being the wiser. I don't blame them, anyone with a similar skin color could pull off the pitbull look with a coat and shades.

#8 Bumped into Melissa and Elywn at the concert as well

#9 Me and Yeeing

#10 Group shot

2011-12-01 23.38.41
#11 Where's the party hint perhaps?

Stay tuned for the next post. Featuring Far East Movement!


Unknown said...

you was playing her..she was playing with thing u know..we were playing with three...ouwoohh wooh~~ haha! NICE SONG! LET IT RAIN OVER MEEEEE^^

FiSh said...

nice one! the huge crowd really makes people get sweaty eh


Ryan said...

@Eunice Yea that's a fun song :)

@Fish Huge Wet Crowd.

Unknown said...

Nice post! Nice pics!

Hilda Milda™ said...

How I wish I was there, MR 3-0-5 so sexy! :P and btw what is that on Elwyn's head? :p

Ryan said...

@Yeeing Thanks lol

@Hilda That's a portable camera on his head