Thursday, January 5, 2012

Relationship Status (2012) Movie Review

Had the chance to catch this Local Indie(Independent) film thanks to @omegaoracle/Calvin for the last minute tickets.

Sypnosis : Those familiar with ‘Ciplak’ will know Khairil M Bahar – the renowned filmmaker who now has a new film called ‘Relationship Status’ featuring the story of a number of KL-ites from all walks of life whose relationships are created, changed and ruined by social networking. Featuring Tony Eusoff, Pete Teo, Daphne Iking and more big Malaysian names.

My take : Went into the cinema not knowing what it the movie was about or knew it existed. The movie started without much introduction on the characters involved, but as it progressed the character's past and present unveiled itself one by one in an interesting matter, and how each character's action affects another directly or indirectly. I find it interesting how each and every character is somehow connected to each other.

Kudos to whoever that wrote the script/dialogue as it was brilliant especially during the banter between the two housemates on the whole social media outlet, the fluency of the lines when delivered was also commendable(Either that or the local movies that's being cranked out by other directors lowered the par so much that anything averagely higher would be considered a feat)

One peeve about the movie was the camera works. Which at certain part of the movie were panning back and forth needlessly among the characters while they were conversing. And sitting in the front row certainly wasn't helping.

In short "Relationship Status" shows the stack reality of the impact of social media on everyone's life.

 Rating : 3.5/5 a really good effort by Khairil M Bahar, be sure to catch it if possible due to the limited screenings. The ending monologue was insightful and somewhat inspiring.


FiSh said...

just watched eh? it sounds like the social network ><

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Henry Lee said...

gonna watch this local production soon! thanks for the quick write up! :)

Ryan said...

@Fish Yea, it's like social network.

@Henry Welcome, hope to hear your side of the review too lol

toninkush said...

got free stuffs never share =/

Ryan said...

@Tony Lol it was a last minute thing :O. We couldn't get tickets to another movie at the counter and so happen someone was giving out tickets