Monday, February 13, 2012

B Card. B Awarded

So last week I was given a Bcard last week.And what did I do? Go shopping of course.

And for my assignment project, I picked VideoEZY as my merchant of choice.

What is Bcard you ask? Well it works like BonusLink. Except you can actually spend the collected points as currency (1 Bpoint = 1cent) at participating outlets  And the points have a lifespan of 36 months. 3 years compared to BonusLink's 1.  :

So off I went browsing thru the aisle and aisle of albums and picked out some albums which I have been meaning to get.

 The Loot :
Points well spent no?

The process of redemption was quite easy on paper. 1) Flash your card 2) Mention that you want to use the points as currency 3) Swipe card at machine 4) Key in 6 digit pin 5) Get goods

Oh and there's a Bcard Swipe & Win contest going on now where the highest spender and most frequent "swiper" with Bcard may walk away with grand prize holiday packages and weekly 10, 000 Bpoints. 

Bcard requires no annual fee and also lets customers to choose to redeem exclusive items through Bcard Online Redemption at instead of redeeming at the partner merchants. If you're interested in getting your Bcard, apply now for free at any of the Bcard participating outlets. After getting the card, don't forget to take part in the Bcard Swipe and Win contest from 2nd January 2012 to 29th February 2012 to win some cool prizes like an all expense trip to London!! Check it out on for more details.

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