Monday, March 5, 2012

"Shell Pays Your Utility Bills" Award Celebration

Was invited last week to Shell's prize giving ceremony for their latest Contest. Aptly named "Shell Pays Your Utility Bills"

In this contest, Shell will be rewarding two customers every week with a Grand Prize of RM20,000 each. Which will be running for a period of 10 weeks, starting from 16th February to 25th April 2012.

The event was held at Laserlight Shell Station, which is located just after the Subang exit from NKVE. Which was quite frankly a pain to get into as one needs to pass thru two tolls irregardless of where you're coming from.

Tuan Haji Azman Ismail, Director of Shell malaysia

Arrived at the event just when it was about to start (and was having a hard time searching for it via GPS/Gmaps due to the very nature of pinpointing for a specific Shell petrol station) and was given a speech by Tuan Haji Azman Ismail (Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd) on the contest that's being held as well as some petrol safety tips like not being on the phone while filling up your car with petrol.

Shortly after there was a dance performance by a dance group called Rock and Sock and shortly after the prize giving itself

The First weekly grand prize Winners, Ahmad Faiz Bin Abdul Muvin and Lim Siang Huang


After the prize giving ceremony was done, there was a nice surprise :

The Ford Cruiser team. Moses and Aimie (If I remember correctly)

Which I couldn't resist bagging some goodies and joined in the mini-quizzes and games

And luck was on my side, ended up bagging most of the prizes, as well as screenings passes to watch John Carter (Tomorrow).

Got pulled into the group photo with the dancers somehow,odd one sticking out yes

For more information on the Contest, you may go to the nearest Shell station or log on to

About shell
Shell is a world leading enery company whose Downstream (oil products) business has pioneered numerous advances in fuels and lubricants technology and offers motorists one of the widest choices of petroleum products and services. Shell is the world's largest fuel retail business with over 46,000 retail stations in more than 90 countries and Malaysia is a key growth market. Shell is the official sponsor and technical partner of the Ferrari Formula One team and the Ducati World MotoGP team.

About Shell Pays Your Utility Bills Contest
Contest duration : 16 February until 25 April 2012
Prize tiering :
1. Weekly grand prize winners : 2x RM20,000 cash + 1 year supply of Shell Helix Ultra
2. Weekly consolation prize winners : 500 x RM150 cash
3. Final Grand Prize Winner : 1 x Rm100,000 cash + 5 year supply of Shell Helix Ultra

Total Number of customers rewarded : 502 x 10 weeks = 5020 Malaysians.

How to join
Simply pump RM30 worth of Shell petrol and fill up a form at the station to get yourself in the running to win the prize mentioned above ^


Nikel Khor said...

wow.. my chances is there, i use to pump shell petrol.. haha

Isaac Tan said...

couldn't make it for this one, and don't know how to blog about it >< .. seems interesting :)

Ryan said...

I can't join this one, it's either I use the receipt for the petrol claims or this contest.

SiMon Har said...

cool! I pump Shell too :)

Cutebun said...

LOL. U are really the odd one out? Y U NO WEAR YELLOW?

Ryan said...

There wasn't a memo! Sides I NO wANT TO BE MAINSTREAM :P

Henry Tan said...

hmmm i dont use shell. =s

Xue Ren said...

woots! congratz on winning the merchandise from yo! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan! It's Moses here from hitz cruisers. Nice post man! I am finally famous! hahaha! Btw bro, our names (the two cruisers in the photo) are Moses and Aimie and not Ivy and Rose. Anyways, all the best dude! See you again next time!

Ryan said...


ahaha whoops, my bad! Corrected for accuracy