Monday, May 7, 2012

Kyla Ruiz Brazilian Bikinis by 360 Celcius / Fashion TV @ The Pool KL

Was at The Pool last weekend to catch the showcasing of Kyla Ruiz's latest brazilian bikini line up. Organized by 360 Celcius and Fashion TV. 

Kyla Ruiz. A line of swimswear produced in Sao Paolo, is designed by it's founder Stephanie Tay (Who is a Malaysian by the way). Made from only the highest quality of Lycra (A type of stretch fiber that has the advantage of being lightweight,comfortable,and very durable)

Kyla’ means beautiful and ‘Ruiz’ is the name of a famous royal family from the Spanish empire that also happens to be the most remembered and powerful.

Kyla Ruiz's philosophy is that it is made to suit the tastes and wants of women. The cut, colour and embellishments are carefully selected to present a collection that is sophisticated but yet with a twist.

So the highlight of the evening was as a fashion catwalk featuring the latest bikini line up well as a Pool Party to top it off :

2012-04-29 18.45.14

More pictures after the jump

2012-04-29 17.53.56
What's a pool without a party and booze? 

And without further ado here are the bikini models doing their thing :

2012-04-29 18.44.36

2012-04-29 18.49.50

2012-04-29 19.04.30

2012-04-29 19.05.17

2012-04-29 19.06.29

2012-04-29 19.11.37

2012-04-29 19.14.26

2012-04-29 19.15.15

2012-04-29 18.41.03

The group in the corner of the place checking out the walk

Besides the featured models above, among our group we had our own international model/beauty queen as well :

Chealsea Chil! Whom I just met that day, a lovely lady with lots of insights to share on live abroad

The swimsuits shown above can be purchased here if you're interested :

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I say beauty is possessed by the diligent 

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