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Elevate Penang Feat Dj Siera Lee and Hiloco / Nerodoll

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Had a blast last weekend at ELEVATE Party. And if you followed my facebook / twitter account, you might have gotten passes from me. So what are you waiting for? /shamelessselfadvertising

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The event was held at PISA Penang. The acronym meaning Penang International Sports Arena, which makes it a HUGE party. Look at the number of people from this picture alone :

Posing for a spontaneous shot.

With it's bold tagline Feel The Difference. Elevate does hold it's promise with an elaborate stage design, which is simple yet deceiving at some point as well as a huge venue that they had to stop people from coming in to avoid overcrowding the place.

The line up for Elevate Penang :

2012-07-14 22.24.38
DJ Siera Lee who's based at Sydney Australia. Has performed at high profile gigs such as Hennessy Artistry as well as some of the newer clubs in KL. Her forte being Electro,Hip Hop and R&B. She opened for the event and helped in getting the party started.

The Mocha Girls. Known as the SEA equivalent of the Pussy Cat Dolls. And boy, do they have the figure and abs. They were gyrating their body the entire night.

Which brings us to the next picture :
One of the Mocha Girls being held by Sam Insanity. This picture does really speaks a thousand words. Here's the backstory :

There was this ice breaking session by the Mocha Girls where they asked all the single guys in the crowd to raise their hands and they would pick two lucky guys. So naturally the group(us) started pointing to Sam and he was forced on stage. And needed to compete with another guy to win one of the girls attention. With one simple question, why should she pick him?

The first guy went over to her and kneeled and murmured something about love you / want you / you so beautiful in a lightning pace so couldn't really understand what he was saying. And when it was Sam's turn, I expected something similar when he kneeled as well but was caught off guard when he started singing Savage Garden's I Knew I I Loved You. At this point that was a clear winner.

Anyways after he was picked as the winner, she started serendaing Sam with Taylor's Back to December. And in return he was being abashed when the song was going. Several times murmuring 'help me' to the crowd while she was holding him. 

Filed as one of those 'you had to be there' moments.

and finally after a few numbers of singing by the Mocha girls, she appeared :

DJ Hiloco a.k.a Nerodoll. The sultry sexy siren DJ from the land of the rising sun. Japan. One of the resident of House Nation. A rather popular club which has 2 establishments in Japan and 1 in Taiwan so far.

After a few house songs, the elaborate stage came into play when it suddenly shifted and out came the boys :

Elecoldxhot, last year's winner of Battleground. A dance group that wow'ed the crowd with their crowd spinning moves and synchronized dancing. 

Got a chance to snap a picture with DJ Siera Lee

2012-07-14 22.16.22
The female entourage.

And their male counterpart.

Random shot with the SO

Totally enjoyed myself that weekend, it being the first outstation party I've been to (not counting Sepang as it's still within 100 Kilometers.) Am definitely looking forward to the next few ones they'll be having (Heard that it's coming down to KL as well)

So once again, if you're interested in passes to any future ELEVATE parties, do follow/suscribe to me at Twitter and Facebook

Ryan Mo signing off

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