Sunday, July 8, 2012

Somersby Apple Cider launch @ Carcosa Seri Negara

2012-06-22 20.14.00

In reference to the apples disappearing around Klang Valley, it turns out that the bearded man in the previous post was Lord Somersby, who revealed himself in the Somersby Apple Cider Launch event last week held at Carcosa Seri Negara.

Basic CMYK

So what is Somersby Apple cider?

Somersby Bottle and glass

  • A refreshing alcoholic drink made from fermented apple juice and natural apple flavouring to give it the right flavour and sweetness
  • A premium cider fully imported from Sweden, available in 330ml bottles.
  • Fresh, sparkling, natural and drinkable, with 4.5% alcohol
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavours or colourings.

Tasted the drink myself at the event and it sure does taste like i'm drinking an adult's version of an apple juice, with alcohol and all. 

2012-06-22 20.18.29
Yeeing standing next to the Somersby ladies, notice the height discrepancy

2012-06-22 20.15.17
Arielz and Yeeing

2012-06-22 20.22.45
Me and Yeeing, enjoying a glass of Somersby Apple cider

2012-06-22 20.25.35
Sarah May Low, Yeeing, Linora

Unlike most brands that portray a more serious image, Somersby’s light-hearted, quirky and entertaining disposition brings fun, laughter and unpredictable moments to consumers. With its modern persona and unisex appeal, both men and women who are open-minded, sociable, young at heart, experimental, and who are adventurous with new food and beverages are those most likely to drink Somersby Apple Cider

Now we can have Somersby even in the hot afternoons and nobody will call you an alcoholic! It is an easy drinking alternative to beer, perfect for people who like to chill with their family and friends like me, or even during lunch time. No worries because I know it's healthy, and because of it's sweet fruity taste, it is the perfect alcoholic beverage to enjoy at anytime !

Also went to check out the Belvedere Vodka media launch at Rootz Club located on the Rooftop of Lot 10 as well :

2012-06-22 22.55.49
The whole setting of the place looks like it was built during the Victorian age, complete with self-painted portraits of lords and sorts.

2012-06-22 23.07.34
Vivian, Yeeing and Chloe Chianz

2012-06-22 23.09.35

And shortly after they decided to take down some balloons and have some fun with it.

2012-06-22 23.14.54

2012-06-22 23.15.10

2012-06-22 23.16.25

2012-06-22 23.17.35

2012-06-22 23.21.19

2012-06-22 23.27.57

2012-06-22 23.25.08
Samantha, Yeeing, Vivian, Jamie, Chloe Chianz and Wilee

Oh yes, I had fun with the balloons too.

2012-06-22 23.18.32

doing my best impression of this picture :

Hope you enjoyed my impression. Till the next post.


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omg u bad!!!!!!!!!

Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

What a heavily jammed Friday that was. But last Friday was worse. >.<