Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ELEVATE @ Melaka International Trade Center Feat DJ Hiloco / Nerodoll


Another great last weekend happened at the ELEVATE party, which was held at Melaka this time. Exactly at The Melaka International Trade Center at Ayer Keroh. And if you followed my social media stream closely you could have gotten yourself passes to this event.


Entering the event you would not guessed that there was a party about to explode in mere hours as all the surrounding area was very quiet and dark but thru the main doors and as you enter into the event, you'll begin to take notice of the atmosphere and crowd that was dancing to the beats.


A sober shot before the event.

My main man Samuel from

Fish Eye Lens.


The event kicked off with a fire show by Psycusix, A group of people showing off their skills by swinging fireballs around a chain with seemingly no effort at all, but I bet I could replicate that as well, only difference is it'll turn out with me riding back home with the red cross .


After that the Emcees of the event, Joey G and Patricia K came to welcome us to the event and to tell us what was in store for the night.


Joined shortly by Elecoldxhot with their fancy LED dance-suits. Some notable performances include the recent mega monster hit "Oppa Gangnam Style" which the whole crowd actually danced to (me including)

Doing the 'sexy and i know it' routine. Wiggle wiggle wiggle yea.

The awesome ELEVATE interactive dancefloor.

Lisa, Samuel,Me and Yeeing

DJ Hiloco / Nerodoll was spinning again this time round, which soothed and drove the crowd to different tempos with her House Nation influenced songs.

Dj Hiloco / Nerodoll.

The lovely Miss World Malaysia 2012 second runner up Coco,Yeeing and Sharon

Around 11 or so it was announced that there will be liquors so liquor was what we were having!


So yea,basically it truly was a fun filled night and I would like to thank the organizers of ELEVATE for having us again. For those who are interested in this event, fret not, as there will be more in the coming months. Just watch my social streams for updates and i promise you'll not miss it :)

A picture of us being sexy and all that after the party.

Bonus : 

2012-09-09 01.23.11
You know the party was a blast when you see random people outside the venue meditating.

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