Monday, October 29, 2012

ELEVATE @ IPOH S.O.S Featuring Dj Yasmin


The Elevate Party train made it's final stop in Ipoh last week at CLUB S.O.S (Sensation of Sound) which is located at the heart of Ipoh's township. Which I heard is quite a new establishment according to the locals.

We departed from KL to Ipoh around 5pm and reach around 8pm due to heavy rains during the journey and we made it in time for dinner with the other bloggers before the party started.

2012-10-20 20.43-tile
The "Wat Tan Hor" (at the upper right) is my favorite dish among all, it's chock full of creamy egg yolks mixed in and I must ask you to go try it out whenever you're in Ipoh. The restaurant that we went to was called "Tuck Kee" a rather well known eatery in Ipoh.

And after dinner we headed right to S.O.S


Being true to it's tagline "Feel The Difference" I could not help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of renovation and face lift they have done to each venue prior to the event.

2012-10-20 21.42.56
The place was filled full with party goers even though it was only 9pm.

2012-10-20 22.07.11
Yeeing Ng in her lovely blue dress

2012-10-20 22.08.27
Camwhore attempt failed due to itchy fingers

Having fun with the Ipad games and won a limited edition Elevate lighters

The obligatory group photos

Samuel, Nicole, Yeeing, Me, Zana, Mandy, Xiang, and Jessicat


Getting photobombed by The Jessicat all night

The Emcee of the evening, The Kylie Chapman.

& Her duckface

The performances by S.O.S's in-house band was truly amazing! Featuring a full band line up consisting of Drummers,Bassist, Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist. They even had back-up dancers during their performances. 

Some covers they did include hits like : Billionaire, Empire State of Mind, as well as Ipoh Gangnam Style.

The next line-up they had was the dance troupe who calls themselves Elecoldxhot that wowed the crowd with their synchronized LED suit and moves.

2012-10-21 00.16.14
And finally the main performer of the evening, DJ Yasmin.A female DJ from Jakarta, known for her trance mixes, and has several awards dance music awards under her belt.


And this wraps up the Elevate series this year, hoping that next year they will bring an even bigger event all over Malaysia.

Here are the links to previous ELEVATE events that happened all over the states :

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