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Launch of Imbi Palace Group Rebranding @ Pavilion Level 5

Last 2 weeks I had the priviledge to attend Imbi Palace Group's Rebranding launch, which hosted 140 guests including bloggers as well to share the momentous occasion. The launch signifies a new milestone on their journey.


Imbi Palace restaurant started in 2003 by KMN Mr. Lum Luck Loy, Yap Yook Wah, renowned HK chef Mr. Chin Hon Yin,a few other partners, their executive chef Jason Tong and their General Manager Annie Chang.

Located on the 6th floor in Pavilion Shopping Mall. The restaurant specializes in Cantonese food with a wide range of 'live' seafood, Hong Kong Dim Sum and barbeque, Lanzhou 'la mien' and Cantonese porridge and noodles. The noodles are specially imported from Hong Kong to give an authentic taste.

The justification for the rebranding

"Earlier this year, we closed down our outlet on Jalan Imbi to make way for the development projects in the city. This was our first outlet, the place where it all started, and we were leaving Imbi Palace Restaurant would be gone forever. This is why, after some thought we decided to change our company name to Imbi Palace Group." said Mr. Lum during his speech.

The place could have easily held a big wedding dinner.

We were presented with a menu of what will come for the night

Anxious me and the overgrown gut. 

1) Double Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Top Shell & Fish Maw (RM28.00)


The starter dish. Herbals soups have a very long history in Chinese cuisines and is well known for their numerous health benefits.In fact it's hard to not be able to find a Chinese restaurant that doesn't serve any forms of soup. Even the humble chicken rice stalls serve soup along with their standard chicken/rice set.

One would doubt the authenticity of the restaurant if soup was not served.

This opens up the appetite due to it's herbal taste of the soup and I really like the fish maw (an internal gas-filled fish organ), though I'm not usually a fan of consuming internal organ like the intestines in Bah Ku Teh.

2) Crispy Golden  Peking Duck (RM70.00)

I'm not a fan of duck cuisines, as some of you might know. But I thought of letting things slide this time and to try some instead, since it's the famous Peking duck, a famous Beijing delicacy (unfortunately a few days after the dining experience I fell sick with fever and diarrhea, which is another sign that I can never take any duck related cuisines)

The chef preparing to skin the crispy duck skin. Which isn't an easy task, because just the right amount of meat is required while seperating the skin for the duck.

How it looks like after preparation. The Peking Duck is usually served with scallion and wrapped with momo. A specially prepared 'hoisin' (oyster) sauce is also included to give it the extra taste.


This was actually my first encounter with the Peking Duck. The Hoisin sauce really compliments the overall taste of the crispy duck skin. Some felt it was a bit too salty but I found it to be just right. The 'momo' skin does quite a well job of neutralizing the saltiness of the sauce.

3) Pan Fried Stuffed Scallops (RM14.00)


The finest scallops from the icy waters of Canada, combined with Banana Prawns from the Gulf of Capenteria, the scallops are stuffed with fresh prawns to create two distinct flavors and aromas.

4) 8 Treasures Truffles Chicken (RM80.00)


A perfect example of 'never judge a book by its cover' except it's more on the line of never judge a roast chicken that's lying spread eagle on your chinese dinner table.

Why? This particular roast chicken, has 8 different mushroom stuffed in it drenched in truffle sauces

All the stuffings revealed after the chef did a cross section on the chicken.

5) BBQ Broiled Spanish Pork Ribs (RM158.00)

These Ribs made from the Spanish Iberian pigs, known for its nutty flavour, and its delicate melt-in-your-mouth marbling. These pigs goes through  a acorn diet which gives it a unique tender,rich and rosy meat

Iberian pigs are normally left to roam freely on their own and thus they constantly move around more and hence they burn more calories than the regular swines, and this in turn produces finer bones

Probably my favorite dish out of all. Love the juicy and succulent tenderized meat .

6) South African Dried Abalone (Promo – RM 88.00 per piece) Normal price RM168


The next dish, the South African Dried Abalone looks like a golden ingot that signifies wealth and prosperity.Harvested from the unpolluted seas off the coast of Hermanus, the quality of the abalone is assured because they follow an international Food Safety methodology in its preparation process. The texture of the abalone is sticky, rich and chewy.


7) LanZhou Knife Shaved Ramen (RM10.00)


The Lan Zhou Knife Shaved Ramen. When pronounced right, makes the most juveniles ones snigger. Lan Zhou is actually a place in GanSu China. And a heritage food enjoyed for many generations. The ramen is shaved off a ball of dough.

Hence The people of Lan Zhou shave their balls of dough into ramen (oh the juvenile in me is bursting out)

It's served in pickled vegetable soup. Didn't really enjoy this as I find the pickles to be a little bit too strong in the soup.

8) Braised Noodle with Duck Meat (RM18.00)


The duck meat in this dish is from a Peking Duck, which is normally either made crispy or braised with noodles. Unfortunately by the 8th dish I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of food in my gut and hence did not really give it a taste.

9) Snow Skin Mooncake (RM15.80)


This has got to be my favorite moon cake ever. I would recommend anyone to get this as a gift to anyone this Moon cake season. Loved the skin as well as the taste of the fillings (And I thought I was full by the 8th dish)

We were each given one moon cake as a souvenir, which was promptly devoured the next day.

10) Coconut Pudding


Last but not least, a signature dessert of the Imbi Palace group, it's secret well kept by the chefs of the restaurant but my guess would be that it's made from Longan and Soya. Though it didn't really taste that sweet, it's most probably due to the moon cake we had earlier which turned anything less sweet taste bland.

11 Guests at the Rebranding night
A group shot with all the other bloggers. Had a great time tasting all the different dishes and mingling with all the others.

By the way, Imbi Palace Group is currently holding a facebook event in which you could win a dinner party for 10 and all you need to do is to tag 9 of your friends to be in the running to win a dinner worth RM1988 for 10!

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