Saturday, November 17, 2012

Distant World : Music From Final Fantasy 2012 @ KLCC Philharmonic Hall


Just came back from attending "Distant World : Music From Final Fantasy" which was held at the Philharmonic Hall (Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS) in KLCC. Made a mistake of parking at Menara HLA as I thought the concert was held at the Plenary hall (at the convention centre side) but actually it's inside KLCC itself (near to the Vertu shop)


As most of you should know I'm an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series (VII and VIII in particular) and this was something I wouldn't miss as it was the first time Distant Worlds came to Malaysia (closest they were were at Singapore)

Ninja photo of the Philharmonic Hall with the MPO prepping up

Conducted by Arnie Roth, a Grammy-winning artist who is well known for his work with Nobuo Uematsu (The Sole Soundtrack Composer of all of the Final Fantasy series from 1 till 9) is supported by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the Dithyrambic Singers on choir, Stephanie Van Driesen as soprano, Az Samad as guitarist, Ho Chi Mei on soprano as well, James Long Cai Hunt on tenor, and Mak Chi Hoe as bass (the voice kind of bass, not the guitar kind of bass mind you)

The Set List :

Prelude 3 mins
with Dithyrambic Singers
Liberi Fatali 3 mins
with Dithyrambic Singers
Victory Theme 9 secs
Final Fantasy 2010 Medley 8 mins
To Zanarkand 4 mins
Memoro de la Stono - Distant Worlds 9 mins
with Stephanie Van Driesen & Dithyrambic Singers
The Man with the Machine Gun 3 mins
Theme of Love 5 mins
You're Not Alone 4 mins
Chocobo Medley 2010 4 mins
(Medley + Swing de Chocobo)

Intermission 20mins

Opening: Bombing Mission 4 mins
Dear Friends 5 mins
with Az Samad
Vama' alla Flamenco 4 mins
with Az Samad
Blinded by Light 3 mins
Don't be Afraid 4 mins
Clash on the Big Bridge 3 mins
Aerith's Theme 5 mins
Opera: Maria and Darco 12mins
with Ho Chi Mei, James Long Cai Hunt & Mak Chi Hoe
Terra's Theme 4 mins

Suteki Dane
One Winged Angel

The first song Prelude moved me to tears to say the least when the hauntingly beautiful harp strings were being strung, the prelude song has always been a staple of the Final Fantasy series, which was played everytime the game was being booted up. Which perfectly brings the audience's attention up to the other songs on the set list.

The Swing de Chocobo was one of Nobuo's favorite song (according to Arnie) and was played in conjuction with the 2010 Chocobo Medley, a combination of one of the many variations of the Chocobo themes (Other variations include Mambo de Chocobo,Chocobo Forest, Techno de Chocobo,Waltz de Chocobo to ONLY name a few)

Aerith's Theme was my all time favorite theme from FFVII but I would have preferred if they have played the main keys with the piano instead of on the Xylophone. The soft piano chords gives me the shiver everytime. EVERYTIME.

Though I was a bit disappointed that some of the songs I REALLY wanted to hear wasn't in the concert this time around. Music that are mostly from FFVIII :

Final Fantasy 8 : Waltz for The Moon
Appeared the first time the main character Squall meets his love interest Rinoa in the school's graduation ball. Then they danced awkwardly

Final Fantasy 8 : Julia's Theme - Eyes on Me Piano Solo
The famous Eyes on Me piece made famous by Faye Wong

Final Fantasy 8 : Fisherman's Horizon
One of my favorite piece,I really like the Orchestra version from the Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec album more than the original

Tried to steal a snap of Arnie Roth but this was the best shot out of it all, being blocked by security and fans

Merchandises can be bought outside the hall, with goodies such as albums, concert dvds, T-shirts and Booklets. I myself got a booklet for autographing purposes and as a keepsake.

Got Arnie's Autograph as well as the other mentioned singers/guitarist. But unfortunately Nobuo Oematsu couldn't be there due to conflicting schedules.

Bottom line, Loved the concert and it's set list. Would definitely go for it again when they're back in Malaysia in the next year or so.


Tony Teh said...

Yeah, I would've preferred those 3 songs over The Man with the Machine Gun, which was the theme of my least favourite parts of the game. But I guess they wanted to mix it up a little by having something upbeat in between.

benjaminvai said...

ah~ hmmmm, yea the list did not consist of some of my favs as well.but still.... would be nice to have been there :(

Ryan said...

@Benjamin : Which songs were you expecting?

@Tony : Yea man with the Machine Gun was just a so-so piece in the series IMO.

FurFer said...

To Zanarkand was played! Yerrr.... I literally forgot the concert was yesterday until I saw Tony tweeted about it lol

foongpc said...

Oh no! I missed this! : (

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