Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hennessy Artistry 2012 Trilogy @ MIECC The Mines


The Finale Party by Hennessy Artistry happened last weekend at MIECC The Mines. And the concern among party-goers drinking and driving were heavily emphasized this year by providing party-goers with several modes transportation to bring them to and back to the event, Taxi Services & Shuttle services were provided during the end of the event to ensure that everyone got home safely and there was even a chilling lounge for people to sober up after the party ended. Not to mention they even gave a subsidy of RM20 for the taxi fares.

Arrived at the venue quite early (which was around 8pm) but the traffic was already congested due to the nearby mall and heavy rain. Had dinner at Esquire Kitchen with MikeYip and his entourage and headed to the venue shortly after.

Getting to MIECC was rather tricky as it was raining but as I found out you could actually avoid getting wet by taking the underground parking at P3 (IINM) that connects to the parking area at MIECC.

The obligatory shot with the Hennessy Backdrop

Took a 360 picture there and it came out looking quite good I must say :)

Although the person that was handling the booth didn't tell me the shot was done and I was left staring at the camera for like 10 seconds holding the VSOP. Felt stupid I did. Also they no longer use customized RFID tags to upload pictures and videos to your facebook page but instead they have made things easier by creating an app for smartphones that you can use to scan QR codes using the camera to upload things.


Jessy, Chutipond, Yeeing and Genee

Simon / The SLK guy,  & Jessy

Random shot taken, I like how the Hennessy word lined up perfectly on Yeeing's head.

Photobombing attempt success

Although the party ended quite early (2am), no complains here as I was already quite worn out from the previous Halloween Party that happened the night before.

Another great party from Hennessy Artistry!

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