Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why we need Cellnique's new Intensive Hydrating Cream

Hello everyone ! I'm gonna talk about beautiful things today.

Don't be afraid I haz not changed gender! That's Yeeing and her dog Bobo. She has some serious beautiful story-telling to be made to everyone out there, especially girls ! She forced me to listen to her whole story and I had no choice but to listen and stare at her reactions... here's what she said :

" Emergerrrrdddd I always wanted a beautiful face. I mean who doesn't right? So I wear tonnes make ups to make myself look beautiful.... But you know what?! The weather is always changing and especially in Malaysia, the sun is so strong and has strong UV rays, it does not only make my makeup melt but also destroying my skin day by day even though I already has sunblocks on !! "

"And each time I removed my make ups..... ? I see my skin becoming drier and more dehydrated ! And do you know, wrinkles and fine lines will develop faster if your skin is constantly dry? I don't wanna get those problems at such a young age !"

" I just wanna have natural moisturized and smooth baby skin, even when I took of my make ups. That's what everyone want right? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT ? Oh wells, I definitely prefer guys with good skin condition ! " 

" And guess what ?!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy because I found the perfect solution ! I've seen everyone talking about this new magical cream from Cellnique called Intensive Hydrating Cream. So I did some research on what this magical cream can do to my skin !"

The Intensive Hydrating Cream is a newly launched product from Cellnique

 #1. Deeply hydrate, nourish and soften the skin.
 #2. Provides instant relief for dry and dehydrated skin.
 #3. Enable skin to feel cocooned and insulated from climate and seasonal changes.
 #4. Replenish and restore skin with essential moisture.
 #5. Alleviates itchiness, flakiness, tightness and feathery lines caused by dehydration.

"So much benefits !!! I can't wait to have flawless, bouncy, and baby smooth skin. I don't have to worry about climate changes too! I feel like I've found a precious hidden gem, and good things must be shared with people, so here's a chance for you to get your hands on these Cellnique's products for free ! 

If you're a blogger, this contest is made for you ! Check out the contest page here : "

For more information , log on to Cellnique's


She's finally done with her story... Oh no, is this a hint for me to buy her those products?!! Cellnique please do something ! 

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