Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Carlsberg Presents Where's The Party 3 @ Penang

As you may have read from my previous blog post regarding to the upcoming Carlsberg Where's The Party post, this is what happened


We were asked to meet-up at the Carlsberg Brewery early in the morning where a fleet of buses were waiting to bring us to the secret location. 

Once onboard, we were told that we would be heading to an island which takes around 4 hours to reach and thus began our journey to the 'secret' location! Then again, it was no surprise at this point as most of us already knew the whereabouts roughly.

Got put into the same bus as Benjamin Foo, the event residential pest.

We were well fed throughout the journey

Almost reaching our destination, yeap. That's the Penang Bridge we're crossing.

The bus took a bit longer than estimated due to bad traffic conditions as it was a public holiday weekend.

Reached the registration zone at roughly 4:30pm which near the outskirts of Queensbay Mall


Got our event tags as well as hotel room assigned. YES accomodation was provided for for every person who went to the party. Awesomeness. At this point we weren't told where the party was nor what hotel we would be staying at.

Off we went back into our bus and we were brought along a very scenic road that was around the corners of penang,they brought us along a very steep road that looks very beautiful (and kind of reminds you of the touge roads from Initial D) but we were already kind of exhausted from the 6 hours bus ride, we just wanted to reach to the spot at this point.

Oh did I mention that we had police escort from Queensbay all the way to the party?

Reached our hotel, The Bayview Beach Resort around 5:30pm and to our surprise the party was held just beside the hotel!

After getting our room keys we quickly got a shower as there was a press conference to rush to within 20 minutes.

A goodie bag was waiting for us in the room!

A Carlsberg T-Shirt, Geeky Glasses and Flipflops!

The view outside our balcony

The Hard Rock Cafe deco directly above the lobby floor.

Rushed to the Press Conference area, which was at Hard Rock Hotel, located just within a stone's throw from our hotel.

One of the featured artist for the party. Multiple award winning R&B artist Kelis! best known for the song "Milkshake"

Love Cubic another featured artist(s), an upcoming Pop group from Korea.

Edmund Leong an artist from Hong Kong

DJ Mayumi who hails from Japan, who is signed by Universal Music

It was finally time to party (which at this point is about 8PM+)

The food zone at the party! Party goers were well fed once again before the party started to avoid anybody partying with an empty stomach






After food was had, the party kicked off with Hong Kong artist Edmund Leong


though I'm not really familiar with this artist, a quick wiki look-up shows an extensive discography of songs as well as a huge movie listing.

We had our fill of Carlsberg, p.s guy digging nose, you're now on the internet. Do drop me an email so I can credit you.

The elctronic dart game by I-Darts was also brought in as part of the games that were available, sadly by the time we reached the party zone it was already dark and most of the games were gone



Needless to say, I had the upper hand in darts that night.

By 11pm the party was starting to heat up with artist's like Kelis performing on stage, though I must say the only thing missing was the epic beach balls from the first party. Other artistes that performed that night was local favorite Twilight Actiongirl, Dj Inquisitivie (A singaporean DJ who has won several competitions), Mad August, and Norman Doray (Electro DJ from France) which played different genre of music like The Ramone's "Blitzkrieg Pop" to The Killer's "Mr Brightside"

The party was fun, one word of advice for beach parties. Take off your slippers less you want friction burn from sand and slippers on your skin.

I left the party around 2am as my feet was feeling very sore and was already very very exhausted from the long bus ride from KL.

We ordered room service after the party as our legs were sore from all the partying.

Woke up kind of early the next day to catch their buffet breakfast.

A group shot of all the other bloggers before we headed back to KL.

So that was the Epic party by Carlsberg. I initially predicted that it would be on a cruise and in the middle of the sea, with 3 different cruises from different countries meeting up by making a long interconnected bridge (Carlsberg this idea is on the house,you're welcome)

So there you have it, Where's The Party 3 by Carlsberg. Happened at Hard Rock Hotel Beachfront at Penang. It has been a pleasure attending it.

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