Friday, January 25, 2013

We Love Asia Music Festival Featuring Red Foo & Steve Aoki

Last weekend was the first rave for me for 2013, called "We Love Asia Music Festival" that was held at the Sepang International Circuit, a 2-day long rave party that went from Saturday to Sunday. (And into Monday)

The music festival featured several high profile artists such as Red Foo from LMFAO, Steve Aoki, Yolanda Be Cool, Joachim Garraud, DJ Antoine and Taio Cruz

Oh Hay <3 p="">

The GF cosplaying as a mole

Found another mole at the concert

When attending a rave, make sure to bring all your friends to avoid the awkward first pumping alone. (And another mole, I call it the electomole)

Red Foo, his presence alone brought the atmosphere to the party

Not to mention an actual Champagne shower during the song.

Guess who's coming out  

And boom let there be awesomeness

The awesome sights and sounds from Steve Aoki

His signature crowd surfing lifeboat

It was definitely a great night though my legs were weary by the end of it, but it was worth it. And a reminder to all, do not drink and drive. Bum out after the party if you're above the alcohol levels with your friends and force them to stay until you sober up, you can't party when you're dead. :)

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Tony said...

Goodness, you guys look awfully sober lol. Lincoln review