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Future Music Festival Asia 2013 (FMFA) @ Sepang International Circuit

Event : Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2013
Location : Sepang International Circuit
Date : 15th & 16th March 2013

The Future Music Festival Asia, a music festival that was attended by 25,000 fans last weekend, and IT WAS AWESOME. Even though my heels hurt 2 days after, it was definitely worth going!

Plenty of Artistes from around the globe was invited to perform at this huge festival, such as Prodigy, PSY, Naughty By Nature, Rita Ora, Angger Dimas to drop a few names.

2013-03-15 21.46.29
Was lucky enough to obtain an all access pass, which enabled me to waltz into the front of the stages to snap pictures among all shenanigans, as well as backstage access to meet artistes in their tents among all perks included

update :

Check out the Official Aftermath Movie of the event.


Reached there rather early on the 2nd day of FMFA because on the first day the traffic was horrendous, drove out from the house from 7pm expecting to reach at 8pm but ended up reaching at 10pm. Lesson learnt, always keep my Touch and Go card topped up.

They had a makeshift Vespa showroom that you can sign up to test drive a Vespa! Though I didn't as I have yet to learn how to ride one (ONE DAY!). But I imagine that day would go something like Jim Carrey's Yes Man during his scooter ride with Zooey Deschanel/


There was a lucky draw which one lucky person would be able to drive home a Vespa, though I'm pretty sure it's not on the spot unless that person fancies driving home the Vespa and leaving his other ride at sepang (unless he/she took the public transport)


Being a music festival, there was plenty of things to do there besides watching the stage, such as food stalls (Burger Lab, Nachos, Kebabs) though I didn't get any due to my strict diet regime (more on that next time), as well as games to be played which I won me alot of prizes such as USB drives and cool looking lighters.

The 'Xcelerate' hub by Ferrari, one of the game zones which featured Ferrari themed mini-games such as driving an F1 game blindfolded and having your partner to guide you on the track. An actual F1 driving simulator and others.

The main stage @ 5PM

Near the main stage @ 6pm


On the top of the hill @ 7pm


The Ferris wheel, though I was hesitant of taking it as I'm actually afraid of heights and claustrophobic at the same time.


The Flamingo Stage @ 7pm

By 7pm the place was already packed with people everywhere

the 1st Class VIP Arena, which as the name itself states, is only opened to VIP ticket holders. Which was an awesome place to chill and order some Asahis and best of all it was air-conditioned.

Free electronic darts session @ The Asahi Club

Our drink of the evening, Asahi

Met Leng Yein again, Super Model / Local Celebrity figure

Dawn Yang, The Singaporean blogger

Ryan Mo, blogger extraordinaire

Best buddy Benjamin Foo, my only bone with him is that people tend to confuse him with me. Which I highly doubt so.


One of the game hub that was completely blue inside, don't remember what they called this.

One of the games they had, which required you to draw according to a picture given on sand. Which is harder than it looks.

The Flamingo Stage @ 8PM

Rita Ora, rising Britpop star, who wowed the crowd despite sound system failing 2 times.


Rita Ora saying hi to me and asking how I'm doing this evening



The crowd @ Flamingo Stage 8:30pm, the place was totally packed now and anticipating it's next act...

Who is it?

Well it's no one other than the man himself, PSY!

I was *this* close to him, the energy that he had was just so huge and in turn the crowd went totally nuts even though he wasn't performing his mega-hit single Oppa Gangnam Style first.

I've read an interview he did on Reddit a few months back and someone asked 'why was he (Psy) so mad at that girl's ass? ( Referring to the Gangnam Style video), and his response was "because her ass was so mad".
Mind blown, the man has won the internet that very moment.

A couple more shots of Psy

PSY did two rounds of Oppa Gangnam Style, as he puts it, first round for the people to record and snap pictures, and the second time for people to actually enjoy watching the performance. He sure knows the crowd well.

After the performance ended, I tried getting backstage to meet PSY but unfortunately he bolted back to his ride with his crew before anyone got a chance to speak with him, though I'm pretty sure that his manager wouldn't allowed any 1 on 1 pictures to be taken. Oh well


Couldn't resist photobombing as usual


2013-03-16 23.22.57
Bumped into The Jessicat in the Ferrari hub.

with Sarah May Low

random camwhoringbromance with Mike Yip with Callista watching in envy


with Joanna Sara, whom has difficulty seeing without shades at night

And finally a group photo of the bloggers & friends

Me and Callista headbanging to Prodigy at the VIP cabana zone at the main stage. I guessed we're the only two person who's excited for the last performance.

Left the place around 2am but the crowd was still staying around but I was already beyond exhausted at that point.

Totally enjoyed myself last weekend and would love to attend it again next year, many thanks to Asahi for organizing such a great event, there was many more booths that I didn't take picture of as my digital camera died halfway thru.

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