Monday, April 22, 2013

A Samsung Galaxy Tease.

Samsung, without a doubt has been a major player in the Smartphone segment for the past few years. Which was something I didn't see coming a few years back when Apple was going head to head with HTC to be the best.

Following the success of their first Samsung Galaxy phone, they rolled out the Galaxy S2, which became my main phone from launch till today. And then they released the Galaxy S3, and last weekend they teased their latest iteration of the Galaxy series. The Samsung Galaxy S4 :

Held at Pavilion Shopping Center in KL. It seemed to be an impromptu concert, surprising many shoppers at Pavilion. Many of which pulled out their smartphones (mostly Samsungs no doubt) and began recording.

A string quartet doing their thing, under the blazing sun.

I for one certainly can't wait to give the S4 a test run as I fear that my older S2 has been giving a lot of strange issues recently like unable to boot properly or programs going astray. So be sure to check out my next coming post on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to see my thoughts on it.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available at all Major Samsung Outlets , Soon so if you're interested in checking the latest Galaxy iteration, be sure to drop by there. At the meantime here's a introduction of the S4 :

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