Sunday, April 21, 2013

Define Party 2013 @ Zebra Square KL

Last weekend, the place to be at was definitely Define. It's the time of the year where it seems like there's a party every weekend, with Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge happening early this month as well as FMFA a week before that.


The party was hosted at the heart of the city at Zebra Square, Zebra Square is truly an excellent venue for any events. If you're an organizer looking for a place to hold a party. Zebra Square is definitely the place to go to, reason being it's in the middle of everything. Also my place is just a stone throws away.


The cool Define invites, it's essentially an invite in a glass frame. Which is quite heavy to lug around.

Our outfit of the night, notice the recurring theme.

The theme of the evening is white, I do enjoy seeing the uniformity of the dresses when there is a theme to a party.

There was 2 different section of the parties, one being inside and the other was held at the courtyard outside.  Though it was a wee bit warm outside due to the weather that night, there was plenty of outdoor air conditioners to cool us down.

The entourage chilling at the sofa seats near the stage.

There was a generous amount of drinks to go around that night, one of which is the Mojito cocktails. As well as Champagnes. But remember, always know your drinking limits and never drink if you're driving.



One of the key highlights of the evening. Performance by Tara Mcdonald, an international vocalist/songwriter from UK. 

Did you know? At the age of 9 she performed in Les Miserables as Eponine at The Palace Theatre in the West End of London.

As with any parties, it's always awesome to have a little memorabilia to bring back home after a night out be it for better or for worst. 

The guys and girls enjoying their champagne. Just look how happy Simon was after a few glass.

Recently I've been looking for a new camera to replace my Fujifilm F200EXR as it's almost at the end of it's life. Jackie has been introducing the Olympus Pen series to me, which has interchangeable lens and isn't as bulky as a DSLR, something which I've been avoiding. I can never have that much fun partying if i'm carrying a huge camera around. Besides there's always professional photographers around like Samuel and Jaz LOL

So I took Jackie's Olympus E-PL1  and messed around with it that night 

While he took mine and messed around with it as well.



Was really impressed by the auto-focus speed of the E-PL1, guess I'll be getting an Olympus soon. 

Check out some of the photos I took with the Olympus E-PL1 :

My attempt at bokeh. 

Camwhoring wasn't that easy but the model I'm aiming for has a flip open LCD.

Yea, the pictures produced from his cam definitely beats mine in that room condition, but the only downsides is that that particular lens he was using costed as much as the camera body.


The night ended with most of the gang tipsy but not drunk, which we then headed to Rendezvous to sober down. Because that's how we roll. With our stomach full and fully sober. A big thank you goes out to Manoah Consulting who extends all these generous invites.


Jackie said...

lol bro my camera is E-P3 ah not EPL1

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Nice post baby