Friday, April 5, 2013

WeChat Party 2013 @ Neverland, KL

WeChat, is a messaging mobile application that is widely available to all the major mobile system out there today. Boasting over 300 million users, is trying to break into the local market here by organizing a party in hopes to raise it's local awareness.

There was several performances by Local artistes that night as well as DJ's spinning and entertaining the party goers of the night. Not to mention buffet catering. 

Yes, I'm holding the speech bubble to my crotch. Hence it's speech. ifyougetwhatimean

They even prepared WeChat icon cupcakes 

With SamInsanity also known as the roacheater. Photo by

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Check out their latest TV commercial, featuring WeChat's 2 new ambassadors- Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam

So what kind function does WeChat offer?

1) Basic messaging functions (Texting , Swapping Photos , Emojis, Groupchats)

Meeting all the basic 'messaging' requirements, WeChat has definitely covered it. Though it doesn't use your cellular number as an ID, instead uses a unique name as it's idenfication, and gives a more 'social' touch to it by giving you a few 'search' features such as;

a) Shake

This utilizes the location service on your phone to locate other nearby users who uses the shake function. can be used as a quick way to exchange contacts

b) Look Around

Stalking has never been easier,I mean meeting new people. Which again utilizes the location service on your phone to look around your area to find WeChat users (assuming that the other party has the location service turned on)

c) Drift bottle

This is the mobile equivalent of Chatroulette, which is literally throwing a message (or an audio clip) in a bottle out onto WeChat's server and letting a random person pick it up and the likelyhood of receiving a reply from your bottle is highly dependent on 1st impression.

2) PTT / Voice talk

Works like a walkie talkie system, with a push of a button you can send and receive voice with your friends

3) Video Calls

Self explanatory.

By seeing all the functions mentioned above, it is safe to assume that WeChat has positioned itself to be an all-in-one social application, and it's success will be dependant on their constant update and it's feedback from the community (which seems to be good at the moment)

Oh one last photo :

Kena tangkap basah siotttt

WeChat app is currently available to all major platforms such as :

So download it today and try the social app yourself and make use of the social features to make some new friends (or creeps)

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