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Corona brought me to Koh Samui! (Day 1 Chaweng Buri Resort / Street Food / Koh Samui Airport)

2013-05-10 14.01.08

update: click here for Day 2 and Day 3

2 months ago if you remember I wrote a post saying that I joined a contest by Corona. Well much to my surprise, I managed to score an all expense paid trip 3 days 2 nights to Koh Samui this May. Koh Samui is an island belonging to Thailand. This is my first time over to Koh Samui so I did not know what to expect besides it having a lot of island hopping and snorkeling, but since we were only there for 3 days we decided to opt out of any island hopping activities because it'll be too tiring at the end of it.

2013-05-10 11.52.00

Our eager faces while waiting for boarding time.

2013-05-10 14.01.08

The plane that took us to Koh Samui, instead of the usual LCCT / KLIA airport, we got to board our plane via Subang Airport by Fireflyz, which is WAY more convenient to get to. Though one can argue that you can get to LCCT conveniently too, but that is a story for another time. *coughsingaporecough*

It's a much smaller aircraft that runs on propeller engine instead of the usual turbine fare, and to naysayers who say it's risky boarding a small plane, I'd say toughen the fuck up and YOLO. The odds of an airplane crashing is way lower than you hitting lottery.


Okay I lied, it's not an Ipod. It wasn't Bob Marley, but Billy Joel.

We reached Koh Samui in roughly less than 50 minutes after the plane flew. First thing noticed was the whole airport was open air and wasn't your regular airport with all those fancy glass and air-conditioning or anal-searching security team.

I have nothing to declare other than my 8 inch.....nevermind

The carousel with our baggage.

We were offered a token of blood sacrifice by the locals upon seeing that we landed to their land with a flying metal bird.


"Found my luggage, hrr hrr."

The mandatory asian pose, don't be hating. It's an asian thing

Passed the immigration without any problem, and am still able to release gas un-discreetly.


Got into our vans which took us to the hotel. The Chaweng Buri Resort

Our rooms at Chaweng Buri Resort, which had this older than time itself kind of a tree, which was pretty cool to look at at night after watching a horror movie, it's dark silhouette can be rather calming to see from time to time.  



Our welcome gift from Corona

The welcome note, and lime. Nobody drinks corona without lime. NOBODY

How our room looks like :

I'd say I'm rather picky with hotel rooms whenever I'm planning for a holiday so I usually scrutinize thru all the pictures on the net and am usually irritated by the stock studio photos provided by all the travel sites. SO TAKE THIS CAPITALISM

We had 2 beds, one queen sized bed along with a daytime bed by the window.




I would say that the room was up to my expectations, though my favorite so far has to be the twin jacuzzi equipped toilet at Northam All-Suites hotel at Penang. Though our room was lacking extra power outlets to charge our devices, I have to note that their WIFI coverage is excellent, which roughly has 1 repeater for every 4 or so rooms distributed around. AND BEST OF ALL IT'S FREE

After rolling around the bed and putting everything down we decided to take to the streets and get some food;

Our hotel was in the middle of everything and the first thing I noticed was how commercialized everything was. Massage Spas,Restaurants and Bars specially built for tourists everywhere. Taxi vans honking every time they pass by. Our hotel was in the middle of this one long street which had everything we needed

Tons of rented motors everywhere, though we didn't rent any as we walked everywhere we went as it was just one long stretch of road

The result of rapid construction, messy messy power lines that would be disastrous should there be an accident there.

One of the many bars located in Koh Samui, The Henry Africa's Bar & Cafe.


There was vans with huge speakers blaring advertisements for fight nights for kick boxing every time they passed by, but it was too costly for me with it's 1000 Thai Bahts a pop entrance fees. But I would love to go and fight a round with any of the kick boxers. Who doesn't love having their ass handed to them on a platter?

Seafood restaurants everywhere.....

Stumbled upon a mobile food merchant selling various balls on sticks.

There was sausages,meatballs,porkballs,fish balls to choose from. Which would then be deep fried and served :

It was around 100 baht per stick if i remember correctly, I really do like the thai chilli sauce which was really generous.

Oh yea Benjamin bro-sky was there too. Us with our 7-11 bought drinks, honestly it was always a fun trip to 7-11 at Thailand as the things they carry over there is so much different from the ones we have here. You can literally take a bun and customize a hotdog over there

An advertisement on the side of the shops, didn't knew Britney Spears performed in Koh Samui, times must be hard

One of the many lovable critters on Koh Samui, which can be seen petting a dog here.

Our 2nd makan spot, which was a noodle soup thing.


2013-05-10 18.21.16
Well the soup was really heavy in taste, which I enjoy, though the weather was really unsuitable to be eating steaming hot noodles.


Not sure what he was selling but he was carrying eggs as well as a charcoal cooking stove.

One of the nicer looking boutiques

Headed back to the hotel room after our meal to rest up abit as we were already drenched in sweat from the walk and weather.

Around 9pm we woke up from our short nap and headed out once again and we found a supermarket nearby which didn't cost a bomb and is actually a little bit cheaper than the 7-11



A huge bottle of Chang beer for only 420 baht! Did you know that the Thai beers had more alcohol percentage in them compared to the international branded beers?

Some of our loot :
2013-05-10 20.33.44
Didn't know they had Jack Daniels with Cola in a bottle (Katak bawah Tempurung) *Like frog underneath coconut shell.

2013-05-10 22.38.34
Saw that Evians were sold cheaper here so I went and got a 1.5L bottle, which was only 780 baht.

As we were still a bit full from the afternoon food, me and the girlfriend decided to share a meal at this retaurant which advertised 1500 baht for a pizza. Which I thought was a good deal seeing that they've had a similar thing when I was in Krabi and the pizza they gave us has enourmous.

But alas was dissapointed :

It was barely a personal sized pizza. Upcar liao.

Well the silver lining was that the cocktails were cheaps, 1100 baht for a pop, which gave me a nice kick to the head as I a little dizzy after finishing just 1 glass of it.

Check out the sexy glass they served my long island with :

Dat ass.

Right after dinner we went over for a full body oil massage nearby and my god it was awesome. Costed about 2800 baht for an hour, which was reasonable enough for me, seeing as how it was usually twice the price and half the duration in KL.

Though I would argue that they'd be seeing me undressed and TOUCHING me, I should be getting paid instead. But trying to convey that to the barely english speaking masseuse was futile.

Headed over to Ackbar after our massage feeling like we were floating on air and joined up with the other winners of the Koh Samui trip. Ackbar is a popular bar spot at Chaweng Beach, which has tables literally on the shore of the beach so expect to get soak your feet on the beach while having a drink or shisha.

To this moment I have no clear memory on what happened that night

All I remembered was that I had a Bloodymary and a Blue Lagoon while getting forced to down 5 seconds of pure Jack Daniels (Or was it Johnnie Walker IDK) everytime I missed a shot on the pool table. And all I have are these photos of the night in my phone the next day, with a huge hangover.

These few pictures do remind me that we walked a whole lot after the drinks as well as having a blast with newly made friends,as well as meeting a German tourist and giving him my card, so German dude. If you do visit my blog and see this, here's to you! ;

2013-05-11 00.46.46

2013-05-11 00.46.52

2013-05-11 00.46.59

2013-05-11 00.47.06

2013-05-11 00.47.37
Poured drinks on myself, good god we were a noisy drunken lot.

2013-05-11 00.48.04

2013-05-11 00.46.05

It was as though the stars and planets were aligned perfectly that night as I did not expect to have that much fun that night, though it came with a price of hurling it all back in the morning. Not in thousand years could I imagine having such a perfect balance of drunken haziness and euphoric feeling.

End of day 1 in Koh Samui. Another day in paradise.

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