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Corona brought me to Koh Samui! (Day 2 Chaweng Buri Beach / Street Shots / Ninja Crepes)


This is a continuation from the previous first day post to Koh Samui. Long post with tons of photos ahead, so be warned of slow loads.


Woke up the next day with a really huge hangover. Wanted to just sleep the whole day away but forced myself out of the bed and for breakfast. Note to self, always always drink tons of water before I drunk sleep. Didn't have much appetite for breakfast but forced myself to gorge some food, though the coffee did help reduce the headache.

Still didn't really feel fine but headed to the beach after that for some beach shots and to ogle at ...the water

Lying on the beach did help in reducing my hangover. Especially the sunblock lotion part.

Had a bottle of corona with me while enjoying the soft sands of Chaweng Buri Beach. When you have a hangover, you fight fire with fire

The beach was really clean and unpolluted with tourist garbage.


After getting enough of the sun and sand headed back into the room to rest abit more, the girlfriend ended up sleeping as soon as she touched the bed, thus leaving me awake and was really hungry at this point.

So decided to take a walk with Benjamin (Who's GF was also sleeping) to get some food for ourselves.

2013-05-11 14.25.43
We ended up at Burger King, because I really wanted to try the Hawaiin Bacon Cheese Burger as the advertisement was simply irresistible. Though it was rather costly, screw budgets. My love for burgers prevail!

2013-05-11 14.25.07

The choices of burgers they have, From Beef to Chicken to Fish and finally the crème de la crème PORK flavored patties!

2013-05-11 14.25.22

Instead of picking the Hawaiin Bacon Cheese..I decided to get the Double BBQ Bacon Cheese Pork Burger.

2013-05-11 14.43.43
And I must say....IT WAS SIMPLY DELICIOUS. Thinking back about it makes my mouth water and will be a motivation for me to come back here soon :P. Bought back another burger for the GF but she was asleep so I put it aside and took a nap as well, but upon waking up I found out she didn't really eat hers and she shoved it in the FRIDGE. Almost got a heart-attack when I found out, but to my surprise the half-frozen burger did taste as good.

Around 8pm we went out and decided to have dinner but the walk over to the restaurant took nearly 2 hours because we stopped and shopped as well. Which was further compounded by me wanting to take street shots of Koh Samui.

Our first stop, a convenience store that sells tons of souvenirs as well as drinks and snacks



After which we shopped around for clothes and haggled with the shopkeepers, a singlet was initially 4000 baht but we managed to get it down to 1500 after a long winded exchange.

One of the many shops selling shoes and shirts


Some Street shots. Though street photography isn't my forte(nor anything remotely photograph related is as well, I do pride myself on taking acceptable party photos)

A rather nice restaurant by the boardwalk

The Library, though it's way different from the Library we have in Malaysia. This one looks way fancier with chandeliers and bartenders with their fancy wine.

A rather high-end looking shop, though the fashion didn't really appeal to me.


Finally around 10pm we reached our dining spot, which was recommended by Benjamin after he spent 15 minutes on google looking for places to dine.

The place was called Ninja Crepes. Though we never noticed any Ninjas, which meant they were doing a good job concealing themselves. Or they were in the kitchen cooking up their Ninja crepes

Finally a restaurant/food place that doesn't look like it was catered to tourist. Which gave an authentic Thai street feel.

Best of all, the food price isn't exorbitant, unless you go for the Malaysian Roti Canai, which cost 60 baht for a piece as opposed to RM1.20 here(12baht) but as you can see, the other dishes cost roughly around 120-200 bahts.



Initially we ordered fried squids but unfortunately they only sell per squid and not by weight, so we didn't really want 1 KG of fried squid so we cancelled it. They actually bring the raw squid to your table to let you weigh and decide which one you wanted.

Our main course :

The well known Thai Signature dish. The Pattaya Fried. Which was quite good I must say.


Pad Thai, a type of Thai styled stir fried noodle that has beansprouts,fried eggs,tamarind sauce and fish sauce in them.

Chicken with Green Curry. Tasted really good, the taste of the curry had a strong hint of lemongrass and ginger which blended really well.

Saw something on the menu called coke shake and was really curious so I ordered it, turns out to be ice blended with Coke.

Our desserts, Fried pineapple batter with honey. A must have, the pineapple inside was really juicy which made the fried crunchy batter all that better.


The bill came out to about 780 baht, which was around 195 baht per person, with drinks included.

After dinner we were already soaked in sweat so we headed back to the hotel

More street photos :


But before reaching we dropped by a Hypermarket called Tops Market to buy instant noodles back to Malaysia.


The Tops market, a medium-end supermarket with products that is slightly cheaper than the 7-11's around. Which was mentioned on the first day post.



After buying a ton of instant noodles and drinks we headed back to the hotel to wash up and headed out again for another session of Thai Massage, which was located at the other end of the street where all the drinking spots are



Our massage parlour :


This place had a lot of tourists having their leg massaged, though we opted for a full body massage as we were really tired from all the walking.

Getting our legs washed before the full body session


Left the massage parlor feeling really good after the rub down and we decided to get our drinks and hopefully get wasted again.

The drinking district

You'll never fail to find a drinking spot over at Koh Samui as there's literally one at ever corner here.

Henry's bar at night

Something called laughing gas were being sold by mobile merchants at most of the pubs entrance, which they sell to you in a balloon while is then inhaled, we were really curious so we bought one each and it didn't really make me laugh. Just felt sick after inhaling it.

A rather happening outdoor club, the dance floor was packed

There were tons of food shops still operating although it was nearly midnight



A Tarot Themed Bar.


Arkbar, which was previously mentioned in my day 1 post as well. It was rather quiet that night although it was a Saturday night, the crowd was way bigger on Friday, probably due to the fullmoon/halfmoon/blackmoon party that was going at some island nearby

Lovely lady, looking for a drink

Another side of Ackbar, notice the DJ spinning on the upper floor.

In the end we decided to get a quick drink and ended up at Henry's bar as we were really tired by then and they were offering 2 buckets of Vodka cocktail for 500 baht, and this is what we got :

An actual mini bucket -_-, with barely any alcohol and mostly coke.

So we ended our night by chilling in the hotel rooms with our own drinks instead.

End of day 2 in Koh Samui. The last night in paradise. Must it end so soon? :(

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