Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FOBO Wireless Tag : Your Personal Security Aid. / FOBO Tag unboxing


About a month ago I was invited by Balda Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd for their official launch of FOBO Tag which was held at MIDA KL. 


So what is a FOBO Tag? It's a security tagging device that comes equipped with Tilt sensors and Bluetooth capability. Roughly the size of a door knob. The FOBO Tag can be controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth communications. Which is first paired via a QR code located on the device itself and cannot be re-used unless it's unpaired first (It pairs to your FOBO account instead of phone in the case that you lose your phone or QR code)

The FOBO Tag can be set into several modes or profiles :

1. RemindMe

Get a notification every time the object or person you attach the FOBO Tag to goes out of range from your smartphone. For example the laptop that you always seem to leave behind or your curious child who never wants to stay put. It also comes with safezones & timezone settings so you won't get notified like when it's lunch time or after working hours

Additional Ideas : For the overly attached girlfriend, tag your boyfriend with the FOBO Tag and he'll never run out of sight again!


This uses the tilt sensors on the FOBO Tag. Whenever it senses any movement it will send you a notification that it is being moved or has been moved (If you're out of range)

For those who are paranoid of people touching or moving their stuffs while they are away.


Always misplacing your keys or seem to always forget where you parked your car? Tag and find it with the FOBO Tag by scanning the area via a sonar like profile that gets stronger / louder as you approach the lost object! Also comes with a car-profile setting that reminds you to snap a picture of the parking lot whenever you're going out of the car.

Also the perfect hide and seek companion


This profile prompts your smartphone whenever it's within detection range. Perfect for frequent travelers who check-in their luggage at airports, you can now have a cup of coffee and be notified whenever your luggage has arrived within distance without actually keeping an eye on the luggage belt.

Additional Ideas : Sneak the FOBO Tag into your spouses bag and never have to worry about them barging into the house unknowingly! wink wink

The FOBO Tag is also WaterProof / Scratch Resistant / Rust Proof. And it's battery life can last up to 1 year which is then easily replaced with CR2450 batteries (the common ones that your wristwatch uses)

If you're still unsure watch the video above for more ideas on how the FOBO Tag works

Balda Solutions Sdn Bhd Malaysia was kind enough to pass me one of their unit as a door gift :)

A closer look at the FOBO Tag package :

The entire FOBO Tag package

The FOBO Wireless tag itself.

Size comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S2

The contents : Instruction Manuals, Velcro styled wrist band and casing dock, Key Chain and Double Sided Tape.

A closer look at the Velcro and Casing dock

The FOBO Tag is easily inserted into the casing dock, just twist open the top half to open it and slide the Velcro band like how you would with a pants belt

Looks like a watch but slightly bulkier

It's large enough to be fitted to a leg so parents with plus sized kids need not fret!

Unfortunately FOBO Tag has yet to release an Android app to be used so I will be unable to further review this unit until further notice. But it is on it's way according to the marketing team from Balda Solutions Sdn Bhd. As of now the FOBO Tag application is only available on the Apple IOS platform

Interested in getting a unit? The FOBO Tag can be purchased from it's website below with a low cost of 59.90 USD :

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