Monday, May 6, 2013

Meet The EPL Legends @ Movida Sunway Giza


As you may remember a few posting from before I posted an entry regarding to the EPL Legends coming to town, well this is the continuance of that posting.

Location : Movida @ Sunway Giza
Time of arrival : 7:30pm.

Though far from being a football fanatic, I ventured into a live match that night to check out why so many people are eager to sacrifice their sleep over live matches that is played during the afternoon at the UK.

The Autograph signing area, just next to my table. One of the perks of arriving 2 hours before the game.

The crowd at 7:30pm, already starting to fill up.

By 9pm the stars of the evening arrived :
Mark Wright, Tore Andre Flo, Frank Leboeuf and Dietmar Hamann

The LFC support club was there as well, LFC being ....Livepool Football Club. Not sure what Kopites mean though.

Did I mention that the whole event was sponsored by Carlsberg? Here's a coincidental product placement as a token of appreciation.

Shortly after the photo taking session, the EPL stars moved on to the Autograph signing session

The autograph signing session, many eager fans were queuing up by then already

An avid fan getting his Jersey signed by  Mark Wright, a former Liverpool player.

So have I gotten more interested in catching football matches after this live match event? Well I'd have to say the atmosphere there was great especially among the supporters who shouted and cheered at every goals and penalties, but having close to 0 knowledge in the team and players that were playing on screen was one of the reason I didn't really get into the game.

The infamous Zidane Headbutt
But this isn't my first live game view, I did catch the world cup finals 5-6 years back between Italy and France, where one of the memorable parts was Zinedine Zidane gave the other side a headbutt to the face. I was sitting on the road with maybe close to ten thousand fans at Bukit Bintang at 3am. Now that was a memorable game, especially when it's the final match. Sadly that was before cameras were popular on cell phones otherwise I'd be able to pull a really old picture out here.

At the meantime, here's an old photo from the archive :

Circa 2009

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