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Samsung Get-To-Know Bloggers Party @ The Pool KL

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Recently Samsung Malaysia have organized a party for all the bloggers to get to know one another, being an evangelist it was a hard to turn down offer. It was an opportunity to get to know the minds behind the marketing team of Samsung.

Arrived at The Pool before it turned dark and managed to get some photos taken by the photo booth, which I want to note that it's not the regular ones with a crappy 1.0MP webcam installed but instead they utilized an automated DSLR camera.

Plenty of props available at the photo booth too!

2013-06-20 19.11.50
The stage is set for the night!

2013-06-20 19.21.06
A random shot taken using night mode in complete darkness except with a few random spot lights moving about.

The obligatory photo taking sessions. Michelle Chow, Ryan Le Sexy Lion, Amber something and Ashley Ngu

With Casey Wong and Chee

Jessicat, Yeeing, Whatshername and the bf and Dila Ariff!

Mr Cameraman Jackie Loiman.

The man of the evening, Donovan Chan behind Manoah Consulting Sdn. Bhd. giving a welcome speech despite the late start (hence the expression)

The night went on with an awesome buffet dinner, which had this really delicious salad and croutons with a really nice dressing though I'm not sure what kind of dressing it was, but I had to mention it.

After dinner was done we were served with cocktails, this particular one I believe was a mixture of Baileys and Milo (or some cocoa related ingredient) it was served with a few drop of coco crunch on it.

A group picture with the Samsung Bloggers (and friends)

There was a mini contest that night that utilized the Samsung NFC Tectiles, which is a little sticker that has a programmable NFC chip in it where you could do lots of cool stuff withs. Something which I was really interested in upon stumbling on it a few weeks ago while trolling the web. More on that in a bit

So when the emcee of the night, Linora announced that the contest was going on and the first two person who came up and could recite the 2 (out of 5 scattered thru the venue) message that was written in the NFC tec tiles would win a pack of Samsung NFC Tectiles. Which I totally jumped at the opportunity :

Me giving my best shot trying to recall the messages in the NFC tags.

My victory fist pump.

In the end I scored myself the prize and went home with a smirk.

2013-06-20 23.49.22
The loot of the evening, A pack of 5 Samsung NFC TecTiles and a portable mini speaker.

So what is Samsung NFC TecTiles?

As mentioned before, it's a sticker with a NFC technology that is programmable. NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which operates on the same technology as RFIDs except it's purposely limited to work only in close proximity between two NFC devices (or tags)

So in theory you're able to program the TecTiles to run certain applications and settings whenever someone touches the TecTile with their  NFC compatible smartphone. 

Here's an example of what I did with mine :

As the name suggests, I've used one of the TecTiles in my house and everytime I tap the sticker with my Galaxy S4, several things  will happen :

1) Wi-Fi will be turned on
2) The phone is muted and vibration only is set.
3) An alarm is set to go off at 7:50 AM
4) Phone brightness lowered to 10% 
5) I will be checked into FourSquare and Facebook
6) Only media sound will be heard, ringtone is set to silent

This is just one of the ways to use the NFC TecTiles 

Another suggestion is to use it as an emergency, where when tapped will send SMS to several people as well as update your Facebook/Twitter saying that you're in danger. The possibilities with NFC TecTiles is endless. Do share with me if you have any other ideas on how to make use of the NFC TecTiles at the comments section

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