Sunday, July 21, 2013

Carlsberg Presents Where's The Party 4 @ MAEPS


The suspense's over. One of the most anticipated party of the year from Carlsberg arrived and we definitely partied hard that night.

Clueless about the venue till we arrived, WTP 2013 took off in a cavernous hall at one of the country's largest exhibition parks, the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (Or known as MAEPS in short)
Arrived at the 'meeting point' Carlsberg directed us to be at, we were the first few who arrived early it seems.

Upon parking our cars, there was and a lot of shuttle buses which brought us to the entrance of the party



The shuttle buses took us straight to the registration area where we registered ourselves and was told to go on to the next 'zone'

Our OOTD, was told to wear comfortable outfits that will last the whole night, so we did


There was a slight walk from the registration area to the next area, but from my experience from previous WTP parties, there was always a welcoming party awaiting for us when we reached the party itself :

A short video I took featuring Benjamin Foo.

The uniformed air-stewardess serving us the staple of the evening.

Carlsberg gave all the party-goers a party pack which contained WTP 2013 t-shirts.

So upon reaching the entrance gate, it was obvious that the party was happening there instead of another location. Only then did we realize that we were punked into believing that the MAEPS was just a meet-up spot before bringing us to another place.

At the party itself there was a whole lot of mini-games where participants were able to win prizes by playing.


A traffic directing mini-game

A snake and shoots inspired game where the participants were strapped with inflatable balloons where the last one with the largest balloon wins.

Besides the physical games Carlsberg also introduced a web-application where party-goers would be able to share photos and join activities where they could win a trip to Europe to party with Axwell. But unfortunately due to the mass amount of people trying to access the app, it went down during the party.

But before the app went down, We managed to partake in one of the challenges where we had to follow.
Our first challenge, pretty easy. Though I manage to peek thru some of the cards and one of them required you to sing a song. So much cringe potential if we were recorded during one of these challenges.

The ones who completed the challenge would be awarded with a prize via a prize raffle, we each got a limited edition Axwell WTP shirts.

Met up with the blogger couples Karmun and Aris.

Yeap, we were bold enough indeed

Boarding the party plane

The resting zone


The entrance to the party zone, where it looked like a departure hall


At the party zone, Carlsberg fans were in for a mega night of visual and audio extravaganza, complete with pulsating beats, sizzling acts and ice cold Carlsberg beer, all orchestrated in a uniquely Carlsberg WTP style.


Henrik Andersen, Carlsberg's newest managing director with Singapore's MD John Botia on the Carlberg Biplane, yes they had a biplane in the party.


To kick off the party, new Carlsberg Malaysia managing director Henrik Andersen and Carlsberg Singapore managing director John Botia made a fitting appearance at the press conference when they alighted from the Antonov.

Andersen said, "Air travel is our theme this year as we're flying lucky Malaysians to Europe for our global party, we needed a massive place that would fit the plane and the huge crowd. This WTP is also about taking party goers to new heights and it looks like we have set a new benchmark in the local party scene by creating another epic sensorial event"

"For the first time in the history of WTP, Malaysians will be treated to the global WTP experience, where 22 nations will come together. Consumers bold enough to step up to the challenge will be justly rewarded with entry to this epic European party experience.”

The night flowed with performers Nine Lives, Joel Turner, 3AM in the Valley and Big Skrptz from Australia, Korean Pop sensation Sweety, DJ Inquisitive, Miss Nine who hails from Germany, DJs Clazz and Ming Ming taking their turn on stage to give the crowd an inimitable blend of edgy dance music that kept them going till the wee hours.

At the party zone, Carlsberg fans were in for a mega night of visual and audio extravaganza, complete with pulsating beats, sizzling acts and ice cold Carlsberg beer, all orchestrated in a uniquely Carlsberg WTP style.

2013-07-06 20.12.42
One of my favorite acts of the evening, Local celebrity turned comedian Douglas Lim who did his version of 'Hoi Fut Ting Hung' titled 'I hate Kpop'

The night went on as we partied like there was no tomorrow;


Photobombing as usual.

Photo 2
Swedish dub house duo, Cazzette pumping up the crowd

Found myself with more stickers as the night went on, a photo with Marilyn.

Even more stickers, with Joanna and Ken getting more and more exasperated each time he took another Carlsberg

A rare photo with Mr Bossman Don, Photographer Jaz and Aris

Photo 4
A fleet of taxis were available for party-goers who had too much to drink and was over the drinking limit, Carlsberg wanted party-goers to have fun and be safe at the same time.

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