Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ChatOn Official Media Launch @ Butter Factory KL

Just recently, Samsung Malaysia officiated it's launch of ChatOn, a mobile messaging app for all major smartphone platforms. Which includes the IOS, Android,Blackberry as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Guest of the event were asked to dress in a theme of either Orange or White. I happen to have an orange fleeced sweater (I don't know the exact name of the material so I'll just call it fleece) which I bought from Uniqlo a few months back as it was really soft and comfy. Then I decided to up the ante and brought my bedside B Duck along. In case anyone was wondering, B Duck is the name of a series of Duck collectibles by SEMK Hong Kong. And boy do they have an extensive range of collectibles :

One day I shall jump on a plane to Hong Kong and go for a mad dash for B Duck merchs
So what makes ChatON unique from all the other messaging apps?

1) It's an all-in-one deal. It comes with Video and Voice chat, Group chat of up to 100 participants, File sharing as well.

2) It has countless downloadable emoticons to be used in chats 

3) You get a profile page reminiscent of Friendster's profile page.

So don't wait and download ChatOn today! Download page can be found at :

Well moving on to the event itself :

 Photo by Lisa Chow of

Suffice to say, it was the center of attention throughout the event, up to the point where it was getting more attention than me. 

 One of the countless photos of the duck and I, so this is how it feels to be a hot girl in the club.

The duck's beak can also be used as a weapon if any other guests annoyed me.

With Aris, who shall be known as the Duke of Carrots. Complete with a carrot tie and orange monocles (Or an onion ring)

Michelle, Elvina, Babygirl Yeeing and JyuriChunli

Ashley, Karmun and Yeeing

Simon, Jessy Long, I lupa nama dia, and Jason Goh

One of the performances of the night. Taken with Samsung S4's Animated Photo mode.

There was a best dressed award for the event, for those who had the best 'orange/white' themed outfit :

Guess who was part of it?

Wasn't too thrilled to be on stage to be honest, I have stage fright you know.

One of the best dressed who was the first to perform on stage to wow the crowd enough to win you a prize. But he was too busy tapping away on his smartphone to even care

Throwing my dignity away by doing the awkward duck shuffle with my duck.

Aris's turn to perform....

which turned out to be a strip-tease and orange juice chugging session. 

Unfortunately due to my two left feet, I was unable to secure the top two positions of the night. Samuel and Aris took the top spot which I don't deny they deserved it seeing as how they were well versed with the rain dancing moves. The winners were awarded with a brand new Galaxy S3 Mini. 

Jyuri doing her Chun-Li moves.

A group photo of the best dressed participants of the evening.

The night ended quite early which is a good thing as we were able to do other things after that. A big thanks goes out to Manoah Consulting Sdn Bhd for the invites.