Friday, July 5, 2013

Upcoming - Where's The Party 4? 2013, Location revealed!

With mere days to go and the anticipation for Where's The Party? 2013 is rising! Carlsberg at long last revealed the 'meeting point' for WTP 2013.

We have been bold and willingly taken on the challenge of the Carlsberg WTP. And now our journey to the ultimate party experience will begin this Saturday at the car park of Malaysia Agro Exposition Park in Serdang. And then we're headed for somewhere in the Klang Valley!

All other information still remains unknown, besides the dress code. Which is to wear as casual as possible and to last a for a long night of partying, taxis will be available on standby for hire to get partygoers safely home

So what could be in store?

I'm still not sure about that but judging by the uniform worn by the ushers, I guess it would be related to travelling or an airport?

Another hint sent in by Carlsberg.What could it mean? Perhaps something water related?

So have you gotten your invites to the most epic party of the year? For those that didn't, the Facebook and Instagram contests have already come and gone and the only way to get an invite now is to hunt down a friend who does.

Throwback, last year's Where's The Party 3! Which was held at Penang Hard Rock Hotel Beachfront!

Well see you this Saturday! I certainly can't wait to find out where.

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Eh, somewhere in Klang Valley don't qualify as location revealed!