Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carlsberg Challenge Series 1st Leg 2013 @ The HEST, Selangor Turf Club


I've always wanted to go to a turf club, particularly ones with racing horses. In my mind (compliments of too many western movies) people dress in their sunday best. With over the top floral dressed and men in suits (The Johnnie Walker guy comes to mind).


UNFORTUNATELY, being in the southern east asian side of the world, where it's summer all year long. It's simply not possible here to dress sharp and expect to not melt in the sun. How disappointing was I when I reached the place and saw the simple everyone wore. There was also a surprising amount of senior citizens there.

Dring the raya holidays, I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the opening of HEST, a Bar & Kitchen restaurant that's located WITHIN the Selangor Turf Club as well as to check out the Carlsberg Challenge Series 1st leg, which is a race sponsored by Carlsberg.


Known as the first and only racetrack bar in Kuala Lumpur, the HEST aims to redefine premium dining and leisure for the younger generation to enjoy while having fun with horse racing sports. Located at Level 1, beside the concourse area, the HEST presents a unique dining adventure overlooking the 2,000 meters of the picturesque turf

DSC02487 (Medium)

Being a bar that's inside a turf club, you can expect to find HD LED screens that shows all the current horses and their rider's statistics as well as a live feed of any ongoing race.

The outside section of the HEST bar, which has the best spot to see the finishing line of the horse races.

It being a sunny day, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open when I went out of the bar. We were definitely horsing around.

But I stayed strong and persevered despite the sun working it's rays on me and checked out the races as well as the horse parading part.

They actually bring all the race horses out as a warm up for them I guess as well as to let the audience decide which horses are in tip-top condition before placing their bets

The OOTD. Shirts from G2000 and old jeans from Giordano. The middle round thing hanging isn't part of the outfit

Well I did not stay long outside during the races as I didn't want to be any darker. So for most of the time after snapping a few pictures we stayed inside and enjoyed our Carlsberg and cocktails and had a merry good time chit-chatting. 

DSC03722 (Medium)

Mr Henrik Andersen, the newest MD of Carlsberg was also present at the event to present the prize to the winning connections of the 1st leg of the 2013 Carlsberg Cup race

Offering a total prize money of RM495,000, the 2013 Carlsberg Challenge Series will consist of three races with the 1st leg, set at a distance of 1,200 metres that was won by Dark Matter from the Hippocrates Stable

The 2nd leg is set a distance of 1400 metres and has been scheduled on September 15, while the final race, the 1600 Carlsberg Cup will be held on October 19.

DSC02606 (Medium)
The first and second leg will be paying RM125,000 each while the best of the best will converge for the final leg that carries a prize money of RM175,000. The horse that accumulates the highest points will be declared as the Champion Horse and will be awarded a bonus of RM20,000. An additional bonus of RM50,000 will be awarded to the single horse that captures all three races. The paid out bonuses are to be shared between the winning owner and trainer on the ratio of 80% to Horse Owner and 20% to the Trainer

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