Sunday, August 4, 2013

Glenmorangie Party Drop It Like It's Hot @ Neverland KL

"Drop It Like It's Hot" the Glenmorangie Party. As mentioned in the previous post. It was held at Neverland KL, which seem to be the go-to place this year as countless events have been held there before. Though I must say that I was rather disappointed that a certain rapper/lion wasn't present at the party (cookie for you if you catch that reference)

The obligatory picture taking with Glenmorangie models and backdrop. They aren't wearing any tops, it's painted on.

2013-07-12 22.59.08
The performance acts of the night all dressed up in the Glenmorangie colors lend their talents to entertain the party goers. There was a mini giveaway which the winner will walk away with a bottle of Glenmorangie, which resulted in an MC Battle between two contestants. Which was interesting to say the least.

2013-07-12 22.57.01
We were given a bright neon orange glasses if you didn't notice it by now.

2013-07-12 22.56.56
The best thing about it is that it comes with led actions. 

The poison of the evening, The Glenmorangie single highland malt whisky.

With boy toy Simon So and monopoly tycoon Nathaniel

The rest of the entourage

Eric the bird enthusiast.

2013-07-12 23.11.04
Yes, I have mastered the sneering pose technique during the entire night at the party.

2013-07-13 01.35.16
My favorite photo of the evening with Ashley and Benjamin. Mouth variation from small medium to large.


We definitely had an awesome party that night, just check out the video I found the next day after sobering up, also if you happen to see a picture of me somewhere being extremely face close with another male companion, it isn't me. :

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