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The Wolverine 2013 Movie Review

- Wow, haven't been writing movie reviews in a long time, let's see how much garbled text I can cram in this post.

The Wolverine (Or also known as Warfarin from down under according to Kien Jeen) is the sixth installment in the X-Men movie and the 2nd movie that stars Wolverine as the lead protagonist. Though being a somewhat X-Men fan (from their Saturday morning cartoons, the opening theme song kicks a mean ass) I must admit that from the 6 movies I have only watched X-Men the first class.

Who is The Wolverine? :

Known as Logan, Wolverine is a member of the X-Men, a team of mutant superheroes founded by Professor Xavier (think of it as The Avengers)

Wolverine's main ability is actually his healing powers, to the point where the only way to kill him off is to decapitate him and keep his head away from the vicinity of his body.

The claws depicted in the poster is actually an extension of his bones and there is no openings for the claws, every time he extends them, the claws actually cuts thru his flesh thus giving him slight pain every time he extends them but again his mutant healing powers heal them as soon as it's out.

Besides his mutant healing powers, Wolverine's Skeleton structure was reinforced with metal adamantium during Weapon X improvement program, thus making the claws virtually indestructible

The Synopsis : 

The movie starts with Logan (The Wolverine) during 1945, stuck in POW camp near Nagasaki Japan, adversely rescues an officer named Yashida during the infamous Atomic Bombings from US. Then to the present day we see that Logan has become a hermit and is living in the wild (though still near to civilization) and constantly has nightmares of Jean Grey whom he killed during X-Men: Last Stand. He is then contacted by Yukio , who brings him to Tokyo Japan to meet Yashida , who is now the CEO of a huge corporation (think Stark Industries) requested to meet Logan personally to thank him for saving his life during POW camp. Yashida is currently at the final stage of Cancer and wants Logan's mutant healing powers so he could live forever but is refused by Logan. Yashida dies the next day and during his funeral, Mariko (The Grandaughter) is kidnapped by The Yakuza and it is up to Logan to figure out what the fuck is going on.

Thoughts : 

This is the Tokyo Drift version of The X-Men, one can easily draw correlation between the two movies. A white man (Or also known as Gaijin) brought to Japan who has the least idea on how anything works there must less the culture. Of course being that a movie that's filmed in Japan, we are introduced to things like Love Hotels and the Bullet Train.

My only complains about the movie is that most of the time during the movie the audience is left guessing what the hell is going on as the movie progresses with little to no information on what or who the real enemies are. Though the action scenes are awesome (bullet train scene) I was honestly hoping it would be over quickly as possible just so I could know why and who is really the one plotting all the schemes.

Several scenes were also noticeably cut during the movie, which makes it child friendly I guess, I mean it's not like there's anything violent going on in The Wolverine, that is if you look the other way during most of the impaling scenes from his claws.

Why should you watch it?

There's Ninjas and Silver Samurai (well sort of) and then there's the post credit scene which sheds some light on the next X-Men movie "Days of future past".

Why shouldn't you watch it?

Regenerative powers nullified just so Wolverine couldn't tear everyone in Japan to shreds and rescue the princess.

I'd give this movie a 6/10. Watch The Conjuring instead if you have the choice, it's an awesome scarefest.

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