Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Asahi Presents Asahi Super Dry AllStars @ Butter Factory, KL

'A night of endless fun' was the first thing that caught my eye when I received the email from the PR to the event. Well how could I pass up a night of endless fun? Maybe if I had a barrel of monkey at home, but NO. That's besides the point. 

Well with a line-up of Djs like Mr Nasty & Guruguru, Eva T, DJ Faith. I jumped at the gracious invite.

So here's the chronology of what went down last Saturday:

Since I had a rather chill saturday and had nothing else planned for besides the Asahi event, I made an appointment at Q Hair Works (Which is another branch of Chezz Technique Hair Salon) to get my hair all jazzed up before the event. Q Hair Works just opened it's door a few weeks ago, and it's located at Section 17 Jalan 17/33. Which is just near to Jaya One. 

Upon reaching the salon, I was whisked off for a quick treatment session as recommended by the hairstylist.

2013-08-30 19.26.38

I'm...not used to pampering my hair besides giving it a cut every now and then. Firstly they applied some kind of ointment to my hair and then put this orb around my head which heated my hair like some kind of hair microwave.

2013-08-30 19.59.32

The end result after treatment and wash.

2013-08-30 19.59.59

They managed to get my hair up with a generous amount of hold spray and clay.

2013-08-30 20.00.17

So upon completing the hair session we went home and prepared for the night that's to come.

Arrived at the Butter Factory on the dot and the main floor was already filling with people.

Of course  we couldn't miss out taking a few pictures infront of the Asahi backdrop. The OOTD : Collared Tee from AT-20 and checkered grey pants from Kitschen.

A close-up of the outfit and hair.

Hair is still standing strong. We'll see how long it'll last

Selfie with the girlfriend.

With Ben, now tell me how we look alike and i'll swing you one.

The poison of the evening, Asahi Super Dry.


Ben showing off his gay hibiscus tat. 


Yeeing's 4 stages of Asahi moment.

My 2 stage of Asahi moment. #1 Take selfie

#2 More Asahi ends up getting shoved into me

As the night went on, we finished buckets after buckets of Asahi Dry because if was too delicious. A sinful nectar if you must. And the next thing happened :

Apparently Asahi Dry turns the guys into sluts.

2013-08-31 01.13.29
 Sobered up a bit before going off in the toilet and took a selfie.

Some monkey went and stuffed all the silly Asahi noodles on the chandelier

A final picture taken while we were about to leave the place.

I don't remember why but somehow I recorded the moment we got into the car :
Dropped them two monkeys off to Zouk as they had another event but I headed to Caffeinness for some midnight snack and sobered up there before I drove back, because never drink and drive. (Unless it's for a short distance la)

I most definitely had a great time during the Asahi Super Dry AllStars. The DJ lineups were great not to mention the awesome music as well. A definite highlight for the month of August. Here's to hoping for more parties by Asahi!

P.S. my hair was still hard as rock when the night ended, I am most definitely getting the brand the saloon used.

A picture by the Official Asahi photographer.

For more pictures on the event, head on over to Asahi Malaysia's official facebook page

P.P.S. If you like the style of my hair. Chezz Technique Hair Salon & Q Hair works is now running a promotion in conjuction with my blog to you readers, just mention my blog and you'll be given a 30% discount for chemicals,hair cuts and treaments! For a limited time only!

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