Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Genting Presents Halloween Horror Spirits 2 @ Genting Highlands

Hello readers, if you do not have a plan this weekend and love Halloween themed things, don't fret as Genting highland is the place you would want to be at this coming weekend!


Halloween Horror Spirits 2

Date: 19, 24, 25, 26 & 27 October 2013
Time: 8pm – 12midnight
Venue: Genting Outdoor Theme Park
Pricing :


Instead of the usual theme park affairs you'd normally expect in Genting Highlands, the entire theme park has been turned into a ghoulish and spooky experience. 

The directions to different horror themed places at the theme park which only opens at night up until midnight

Are you curious on how the theme park looks like at night during this Halloween season? Read on at your own risk

The graffiti that greeted us at the beginning of the visit

Just one of the many spirits that you will encounter while in the theme park

1. The Haunted Playground


Legends have passed through the years that the playground was once a 
fun place to visit until criminal cases take place.

You tell yourself that the shivers down your spine and the goose bumps 
that have popped out all over your body is due to the cold but deep down 
you know it’s because of all the laughing and clapping.

Maybe one of the spookiest atmosphere around the theme park, you can expect to find wandering children around here as well as a child-like humming periodically.

Some of the resident ghouls you'd find here :

2. Old Shanghai

Travel back in time to the glory of Old Shanghai in the 1930s where 
you meet twisted hawkers peddling wares along the streets and 
rickshaw pullers navigating through the alleys. 
Behind the city enriched in history, tradition, and timeless charm lays 
a story untold…

I really like the spooky shanghai song that was played in the background, and most of the spirits were pretty friendly here as well


The shanghai residents :


You've never been to Shanghai until you've met a chinese vampire.

Be sure to sample some of the local delicacies if you're ever here. But only if you've got the gut for it :


Also met a really nice Shanghainese girl who offered to carry my stuff around, though she didn't say a single thing, the feeling was mutual.


The girlfriend got a little bit jealous over this and started swinging her axe around and this poor bloke was at the wrong place at the wrong time.


3. The City of Walkers

A deserted city decimated by catastrophic plague and occupied by 
mutated vampire-like beings.
Venture into the city at your own risk: Once the Walkers prey on you, 
there will only be a narrow escape.

One of the more crowded areas due to the vast number of zombies roaming about, don't make a sound as it'll attract them and maybe if you're lucky you'll be able to catch them grooving about.

Meet The Walkers :

4. Prison Freak(s)?

Prisoners sentence to life imprisonment or given death penalty are all incarcerated in this maximum-security prison.

Some of them eventually go insane due to the intense depression, 
some are trapped inside the prison cells looking for a way out, and the 
spirits of those who have already been executed wander the hallways 
as if they have old scores to settle.

5. Kisah Rumah Puaka

One stormy night many years ago, a family was possessed by evil 
spirits when they were drowned in their sleep. 

The dark force then spread through the whole village, leaving an 
unsolved mystery to be explored.

After fiercely guarding their kampong huts for several decades, the evil 
spirits now welcome you to visit their ghostly abode…

Probably the creepiest among all the places i've been. This house definitely raised a few of my hair at the back of my body.


A word of advice here, ignore her or else.

I think she's thirsty?

After exhausting all of the attractions we decided to take our own Horror themed photos :




Or maybe something a little bit cuter?



Halloween Horror Spirits 2 is open from the 24th October up until the 27th October, which only lasts a weekend so be sure to check it out before it's too late!

For more information, call 03–6101 1118 or visit

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