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Oktoberfest 2013 @ One Utama / Oktoberfest 2013 Mugs Giveaway!

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As I've said earlier, October is one of my favorite month of the year and mainly due to the Oktoberfest that was held at 1-Utama a few weekends ago

The Oktoberfest at 1-Utama organized by Carlsberg this year was held from 11th till the 13th of October and like last year they erected huge tents at the outdoor car park at the old wing to give it the Oktoberfest feel.
The highlights of the evening were definitely the Dirndl girls and the Oom Pa Pah band. So check out the rest of this post after the break

We arrived around 830pm but the event started as early as 6:30pm but we were stuck in the heavy Friday traffic

The place was already packed with people by 830pm even though it was stuffy and could use a bit more air conditioning and fans.

One of the main attraction during that night was definitely the various choices of food that were available that night. Ninja Joe being one of it with their choices of Pork Burgers and Pork Nuggets

'Bite-sized' Pork Burgers and Pork nuggets

DSCF1076 20131011_205430
Pork balls with seasoning goes well with beer for sure

20131011_212034 20131011_211738
Pork Ribs and last but not least, German Sausages with Mash Potatoes.

There were a few games where participants participated in and one of them is a variation of the musical chairs that involves hats :

Winners of the musical hats were given mini beer towers to congratulate them on their efforts

2013-10-11 21.45.00
The Om Pa Pa band were definitely a hit among the crowds with their crazy antics of singing on the tables and what nots.

One of the performances by the Om Pa Pa Band.

A really really long Alpine Horn which definitely required a lot of breath to even remotely make any sounds at all.

Oktoberfest wouldn't be really complete without the Chicken Dance would it?

2013-10-11 22.27.40
Acting weird only after a few mugs of ice-cold Carlsberg and Lowenbrau. Other beers that we've tried that night also includes Erdinger and Franziskaner but the first two was definitely my favorite.

The pricing of the beer was fairly good too with a mug of Carlsberg costing you RM25* and refills at RM20*. Furthermore the mugs that you get there you'll be able to bring home after the night is over. The German brews such as Lowenbrau,Erdinger and Granziskaner costed a bit more at RM30* with mugs and RM25* for refills

*picing might not be accurate, price of beer is an estimate of what I remember it to be but judgement might be altered by consumption of Alcohol.

This is wooKP, met him a few years back in a gaming community and we have never met up officially until that night. P.S. he is single and available also it is worth noting that he makes big bucks and spends most of his time overseas due to work.


So were you at Oktoberfest 1U this year? Did you manage to get yourself an Oktoberfest Mug? If not don't sweat it as I have Oktoberfest Mugs to be given away. All you have to do is follow my blog over here and answer the following questions in the comment section below :

1) Name one song performed by the Om Pa Pa band during Oktoberfest
2) Name one of the beers available during Oktoberfest 2013 besides Carlsberg
3) If you do get an Oktoberfest Mug, what will you do with it?

Winners will be announced at the end of October. Judge(s) decision will be final. *Judges may or may not be me. Also don't forget to leave your e-mail in the comments as well so I can actually contact you if you've won.

p.s. Answers for 1&2 can be found within this blogpost

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