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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 Unboxing and Quick Look / Sample shots of Note 3, S4, S2

It keeps getting bigger, the S2, S4 and Note 3 respectively

After reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S4 a couple of months back, I have recently gotten my hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just last weekend (Or also known as the SM-N9005) for another review session. So here's the unboxing and some thoughts as well as some sample shots from each model's camera that I have in possession.

P.S. all the pictures below were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 with no touch ups whatsoever.

The package

2013-10-05 09.09.50

Fairly standard Samsung packaging, the same wooden accent used in the Samsung Galaxy S4's box. 

The Galaxy Note 3 currently comes in two flavours, Black and White. If you're looking for something more exquisite, fret not as i'm pretty sure Samsung will release limited edition colors in the near future just like what they did for the Note 2 and S4.


You can expect all the standard items, Charger, Sync and Charge Cables, Stereo Headphones with Built in mic and controls, an assortment of different earpieces for the headphones, batteries and replacement tips for the S-Pen

The Galaxy Note 3 Itself

The rear cover of the phone is what got my attention, instead of using the standard plastic like materials used in the previous generations, Faux Leather was used. Which is pleasing to my fingers. A synthetic material that feels like leather.

It's rather pleasing how the camera color schemes follow the back cover

2013-10-08 18.20.55

2013-10-08 17.57.13
Worth noting is also how nicely the S-Pen fits into it's hole. I find it entertaining to pull the S-Pen in and out randomly throughout the day, no innuendos here. Nope.

Under the hood

2013-10-08 17.57.35
One thing that instantly caught my eye is the MicroSD slots and Sim slot.

2013-10-08 17.57.57
Instead of having separate bays for them, it's all in one place now. Though when I inserted my Sim Card the first time, I find it nearly impossible to take it back out, not sure if it's due to the DIY cutting that I did on my Sim.


2013-10-08 18.00.05
Though the Note 3 is a tad larger than the S4, I'm still able to use it with just one hand for most of my regular operations. Although it's worth noting that I have larger than average hands so we'll have to see what the girlfriend thinks of the size /nope no innuendo here either. I also like the metal frame bezels on the sides of the phone along with the multiple line accents that run across the sides.

I can't tell you if I prefer the S4 or Note 3 at the moment as I'm still in the new gadget phase with this one, but one things for sure, the screen size of the S4 doesn't cut it for me anymore.

Battery Life

After a few days of usage, I *think* that the battery life is better than the S4 but only time will tell. So far the Note 3's average battery life fares 2 hours more than the S4

Another thing I would like to point out is the inclusion of USB 3.0 on the Note 3

2013-10-08 18.31.15

Who's charging cable looks like this

2013-10-08 18.30.21
We'll see this more often on future gadgets as the 3.0 gets more and more adoption.
2013-10-08 18.33.27

But any potential buyers that is worrying about needing to replace all existing MicroUSB cables worry not as the Note 3 is backwards compatible with MicroUSBs

2013-10-08 18.32.07
Still good with ordinary Micro USB cables, EAT YOUR HEART OUT FRUITY FANS.

Sample Shots

Some shots I've taken using the Note 3, S4 and also the S2 for some giggles.

Pictures are arranged by Note 3, S4 and S2
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Scenery Shots
2013-10-08 18.02.122013-10-08 18.02.272013-10-08 18.02.46

Somewhat Close-up Macros
2013-10-08 18.03.242013-10-08 18.03.522013-10-08 18.04.22

Low-Lights with no night mode enabled
2013-10-08 18.04.532013-10-08 18.05.382013-10-08 18.06.05

Notable features

Screenshots could never be easier!

A screenshot taken and cropped on the fly with some personal info taken out and shared.

One of my favorite features of the Note 3 is the functionality of the S-Pen, by just holding the side buttons of the S-Pen and tapping the screen, it automatically takes a screenshot and goes into edit mode letting me write notes or scribbles on it before saving it into the gallery.

If you don't like taking full screen sizes screenshots, you can also hold the side buttons and draw the area of the screen you want to take and the Note 3 saves the area and you'll be able to share it on any of your android apps instantly!

Multi Windows

Another one of my favorite features, with the multi-window function, I can launch different apps on the same screen without needing to tab between them. For example above I'm browsing Reddit while chatting with the girlfriend on WhatsApp. Thus increasing my productivity to procrastinate 

Would I buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

At the moment, definitely! Being a gadget lover who started out with PDAs that come with Stylus, the Note Series from Samsung is definitely something that flickers my interests. Especially with the Stylus adoption functions. Though I'm still waiting for the day when they bring back the fast stroke recognition from the WMB days.

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