Wednesday, October 30, 2013

End of October Weekend recap ( Asahi SuperDry All Stars / The Roof Preview / GSC Horrorfest / Siew Pao )

Here's a recap on things that happened last weekend :

Friday night
Asahi Super Dry AllStar Tour @ Chyna Black

2013-10-25 22.39.22
A pretty chill night with ice cold Asahi.

2013-10-25 21.36.31
OOTD, hairs already getting pretty long and unmanageable, maybe it's time for a trim this week

Chyna black was located at the Nihonkan building on the first floor, same place where The Pool is located. They had a large Asahi sign by the entrance that night

The featured DJ of the night, Dj Faith, sporting her new electric blue hairdo

Saturday evening
The Roof media preview @ Bandar Utama

The Roof is poised to be the next entertainment hot spot in town where there will be Fine dining, clubbing , premium drinks as well as an open space rooftop where you'll be able to have a few drinks and as well as a 360 view of Klang Valley

A preview of The Roof's Stratosphere before the full post comes up

Selfie with the girlfriend

Saturday night
GSC Horrorfest by Nuffnang @ 1 Utama

2013-10-26 23.09.37
A 3 horror movie Halloween marathon was hosted by GSC at the same night as the media preview of The Roof, so we decided to go to both of them but unfortunately missed the first movie when we finished the first event.

We managed only to catch the remaining two movies which was Second Sight and Insidious 2

Second Sight was a Thai movie about a guy who had the ability to see spirits as well as a whole plethora of abilities like clairvoyance, seeing a person's past by only touch and many more which I failed to keep track of during the movie, it's like the director just keeps adding his super-abilities, kind of like Superman circa 70-80's. The ending was kind of confusing with all the plot twists and what not. 2/10

Insidious: Chapter 2 is the continuation of Insidious, and continues from where the first movie left off. I really like how the movie plays out and even explains some unexplained occurrences in the first one. Would recommend watching this if you have watched the first movie. 7/10

I've heard from the others the first movie Rigor Mortis (A Hong Kong film) was a pretty good vampire movie so I can't wait to check that one out.

If you're interested in watching the movies mentioned above, you'll be pleased to know that GSC is currently running a promotion for those movies :

Here are the mechanics :
1) The first 50 customers daily will receive a free Surprise Box with every 2 tickets purchased
2) This promotion is only valid for any of these 3 movies: Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight
3) The promo period is from 26th of October 2013 to 10th of November 2013

A relaxing day

2013-10-27 11.55.29
After 2 nights of events and party we decided to just have a simple Sunday morning by going to the Imbi morning market for some breakfast and their famous Hainan Tea and Kaya /Butter Toast

2013-10-27 12.03.15
Got the girlfriend to snap this picture while I was driving because I knew what this machinery does after a particular mission in GTAV. Who says video games aren't educational? Thanks Trevor.

2013-10-27 12.35.39
After breakfast at the Imbi market we stopped by at Jalan Imbi for the Seremban Siew Pao at the corner coffee shop for Siew Paos and Egg Tarts

2013-10-27 12.39.17
The Seremban Siew Pao, best eaten when it's fresh out of the oven. You'll feel the crispy skin and juicy fillings from the first bite and left with wanting more.

So basically that was how last weekend went, though it's only Tuesday (or Wednesday morning depending on when this posts goes up) I am definitely looking forward to the next weekend :

2013-10-26 12.50.46
The yearly Hennessy Artistry party, one of the highlight parties of the year. Stay tuned.


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So many parties!

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

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