Thursday, November 14, 2013

2nd week of November Weekend recap

Here are some mildly interesting things that happened last weekend.

all photos were taken with the Samsung Galaxy S4

A cracked side window belonging to a customer's car due to an attempted robbery, the incident happened at Kampung Pandan roundabout while she was at a traffic light stop. Two person on a motorbike then attempted to break the side window but luckily the car had a security tint installed and they gave up after several hard knocks, she was unable to drive away whilst this was happening because she was too close with the car in-front of her.

Two lessons can be learnt here

1) Always install a security-tinted film on your windscreen whenever possible
2) When your car is stopped at a traffic light, make sure that you have enough space to drive off in-case anything goes wrong

We got hold of a Honda Gyro Canopy bike. Which in Malaysia, is impossible to find. This particular model is a small, three-wheeled, one person vehicle that was mainly used to deliver pizzas in Japan. It's engine specifications? 6HP and 49cc. 

Will try to get more pictures of it when we finished restoring it's paint and it's internal parts.

Had a strong craving on Friday nights for some Curry Fish Head so the GF and I headed to Sri Rampai at Setapak as recommended by Jackie. The restaurant's name was Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Rampai. The curry was okay but it could use more Taufupok in there. The side dish we ordered though was fantastic, the upside to this place was that it's very affordable, the curry fish head ended up costing RM18 (ordered the smallest portion as the GF didn't like fish in general but ended up taking most of my taufopok) 

Had a few hours of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition online matches with Deimos. Been a long time since I've done that, we used to do it every night without fail. I've been under-utilizing the fight stick  (Hori Fighting Edge) since I've bought it from Amazon.  Which costed me an arm and leg getting it over here from Amazon, but the delivery speed was superb, only taking a week via DHL. What I love about this stick is the side controls are touch-screen controlled and has side lights that flashes red every time you get hit in-game. But this function only works with PS3 and not with the PC.

Saturday's Lunch. Pork chop with Spaghetti and KFC snack plate. Tried the new 'flavour' from KFC and didn't like it, tasted a bit too salty and sour. The Pork chop and ghetti was awesome as always. Which was gotten at this Western Breakfast stall at Taman Maluri Restaurant Jade, the Spaghetti is wok fried before the sauce were added, totally recommend going there to try it out.

Instead of lazing around the room we went swimming after the rain stopped, not much of a swim but rather we taking turns pretending to be undersea creatures kidnapping each other in the water and piggybacking each other. No, it isn't an innuendo for something kinky.

Saturday night dinner. Hainanese styled chicken chop from Pat Kin Pat San @ Shamelin. wouldn't recommend it though, after a while the sauce taste was overwhelming and I lost my appetite. I'll stick with my usual Mongolian Chicken rice there :

Sunday night was a last minute plan, went over to The Pool KL for Sidney Samson by Asahi

Was a rather chilling event before Sidney started spinning, manage to get into a meet and greet session with Sidney himself, picture above will be replaced once I the photographer uploads a photo of me and him lol.

I missed my dinner before going to The Pool so I tried the "Yellow Monster" burger at Kyoto Labs @ The Pool (The japanese restaurant on the first floor), the chicken patty was huge (though it would nice if I knew it was chicken instead of beef beforehand) and the yellow sauce with pineapple was really juicy, only downside is the soft buns which was easily crushed when I was grabbing it.

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