Thursday, November 21, 2013

3rd Week of November Weekend Recap (Milkshakes/Installing Thai Region Language for T310 Samsung Tab 3/Beach/Ramen)

Here are some midly interesting things that happened last weekend, albeit a wee later that I wanted this post to be up.

2013-11-15 21.50.06

Saw this mini-milkshake bar at the side of a restaurant outside at Oasis and couldn't resist getting a Chocolate Milkshake. Bricks were shat that night, only because my body couldn't take milk that late at night

2013-11-16 11.09.29
Got asked to help install Thai language into a Samsung Tab 3 8.0 as it was a Hong Kong set and this tablet only had English and Chinese language available in it's setting. So to solve this I needed to identify the firmware version that the Thailand version uses. In this case it's T310XWUAMG3, which happens to be the same firmware that the Malaysian set uses. You can get said firmware from which has tiyr every firmware needs.

After obtaining the correct firmware, Just use ODIN 3.07 and connect the tablet to a computer via USB and make sure the tablet is in download mode (Turn off phone, hold power and volume up key) and select the firmware that was downloaded earlier.

After installing the new firmware, you'll need to root the phone, exact directions can be found here :

take note that these directions are only for this particular model, rooting procedures vary for every phone. A quick way to know if any phone is rooted or not is to look for SuperSU in your app drawer.

The final step, after rooting the tablet, just install this app called "Locale and Language Setting"

which will show you all the available languages in the phone (which are usually hidden), select the language you want to set and all the menus and apps will be in your desired language, but in my case I had to select the language twice as it changed to Turkish the first time I tried

2013-11-16 11.11.17

Dad bought a Blue Samsung Galaxy S4 along with the Galaxy Gear after he got his S4 stolen at Pavilion a week ago by a pickpocket.


On Saturday we went to the beach at Sepang because somebody has been complaining about wanting to go to the beach, so I took her without telling her beforehand.

Reached there around 3pm because of half-day work and slight traffic jam, the seawater receded quite a bit when we got there. The seawater was really hot too, I much preferred if it was cold.

Not sure if women's intuition at work here because I said to dress casual and somehow this happened.

There's certain part of the beach where you'll not want to trudge through.











Had a mini picnic after the beach.



While having our picnic we saw this little cute thing.


Went back home and rested a bit before heading over to Pavilion for dinner. Little quacky got ducknapped >:(

Pavilion had some really nice Christmas decoration put up. My camera certainly did not do justice to the actual scene.


Had dinner at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, I'm not really a fan of Ramen but so happens the nice waiter offered me a coupon that entitled me to get a free bowl of pork siew yuk and rice for the Ramen that we ordered

The Siew Yuk Rice was so-so, not anything I would shout about

The Ramen that the GF ordered, which came with simmered pork cheeks, according to their menu, pork cheeks are a rare thing because only X amount of cheek meat can be gotten from a pig. Well not for this pig

2013-11-17 00.25.55
Test drove the latest Honda Accord 2.4 and totally loved the features, especially the keyless entry and push start button, which was present on the Civic 2.0 as well. I just can't stop raving about the convenience of opening and starting the car without needing to take out a car key.

2013-11-17 00.47.06

The car also came with side-cameras on the left side of the side mirrors which made lane-changing with such a big car much much easier, blind-spots were totally eliminated with this feature, the car also came with GPS Navigation but this time instead of using the conventional touch screen to set your destinations, it comes with a 8-way directional stick with turn dial for menus. Which makes it very easy to set a destination without needing to take your eyes off the road.

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