Sunday, November 17, 2013

Club Asahi presents Moscow @ Club Play at The Roof PJ

When | Wednesday 13th November 9pm onwards
Where | Play @ The Roof
Web |


The ever popular Club Asahi series returned again last Wednesday for it's final run for the year at PJ's latest and hottest entertainment hubs, The Roof. With Moscow being the central theme this time, they brought in Swanky Tunes, a very sought after EDM band from motherland Russia that consists of Vadim, Dmitry, Stanislav

The Super Dry AllStars DJ crew were also present at Club Asahi to lend their talents to open the dance floor before Swanky Tunes started. 

Pre-party picture with the reflective Asahi backdrop >:(


Before the party started we were invited by Asahi to Signature Restaurant, a posh restaurant at The Roof for dinner, it's always good to fill your stomach before drinking. The restaurant's centerpiece of a tree-like lights took my attention upon stepping in.

The brilliant minds behind The Roof

With Calvin Khoo, Brand Manager for Asahi. Worth noting that Asahi has penetrated the Malaysian market as one of the most recognized premium beer even though it was only introduced into the market for less than 2 years.

With the rest of the blogging crew

The Asahi All-Star male bloggers*

*above statement isn't true and merely made up

The outdoor area of Signature Restaurant, where one will be able to enjoy the scenic view and windy breeze (only if it was a windy night, else be prepared to sweat a little bit if you were dressed up)

After dinner we were brought to The Stratosphere for a couple of pre-party drinks as well as to mingle with the Artists. The girls decided to take the manual operated lift instead of walking up stairs, they were stuck while going out as it wasn't clear-cut on how to operate it.

While waiting for the artists to arrive I decided to throw my camera on the ground with manual shutter speed and timer and got this gem.

DJ Eva T and DJ Faith two of The Super Dry AllStars DJ crew

The Carlsberg team with The Super Dry AllStars DJ crew

Finally we reached Club Play and we were ready to start partying on a weekday >:(

Was my first time getting into Club Play, the club wasn't too spacious nor was it cramp. Flames were also seen blowing out at the corners of the club occasionally as well as industrial neon fans as part of the decor.

"I hope there's a place to sit inside", well there is, and that was where they sat most of the nights.

A Selfie with Kon and Jessicat barging in

Asahi was so popular that night they had to ship in more crates in

Certainly was a great night but couldn't party longer due to a working next day, but nevertheless we enjoyed ourselves enough. Here's to a another great Asahi event.

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Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Actually, Asahi has been in Malaysia for quite long loh. I remember going to 7-Eleven to get during my college days.

Wish it wasn't on that day, else I would've been able to go drink drink. :(