Sunday, November 10, 2013

H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing Finale 2013 @ MIECC Serdang

It was one of the most anticipated parties of the year (according to me), at least to me, it was an event where we could all catch up with friends and party the night away with no worries (because we could chill at someone's hotel room and not drive when we're above the alcohol level), this year was no exception. We partied hard and had a  blast.


Held at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Center, (where else could they fit this much people?) like the past few years, we arrived just in time to catch up to some familiar faces getting in.

#OOTD, Raincoat from Zara and collared shirt from G2000

Our red carpet moment, not sure how we managed to shoo off the other people from hogging the sign but we did


A perfect photo with the lights shining down except for the waiter who managed to photobomb at the last moment.

The view from the O zone. Which is quite near the stage.

One of the highlights from the evening, Korean songstress NS Yoon-G

Our polar opposite couple, Jessy and Simon. Simon and I have an affinity when it comes to outfits.

Ashley and Yeeing


With Eric Chee, we made a pact to enjoy ourselves fully that night during a previous Glenmorangie event and it was somewhat fulfilled, except for the part where he'll stay till the end.

As always, always make sure that you know your own limits, otherwise you'll end up like this :



Not a pretty sight I must say, also never leave your friends behind.

At this point we were waiting for the rest of the gang to head off to the room and chill, which was around 1am, which thankfully didn't end up any later or we'll be knocked out by then.

Though tired, we still managed to head over to the photobooths to get a memento for the night.

The memento;
I noticed that I have that shit-eating grin whenever i'm tipsy.

Our aftermath :
Poor fella chose the floor instead of the bed.

All three of us was exhausted so we took a nap, guess who got the short end of the stick?

Monobrow with whisker Ken.

Chilled until we were sober and then headed home safe and sound. No signboards or cows were taken on the way home, unlike a certain somebody *cough*

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