Friday, December 13, 2013

A Krabi Trip (Day 1)

This trip happened a year ago and I've been putting it off until now.

It was my first time out of the country without any parental supervision, although at that time I've never really had the desire to travel unlike today and the main reason I've taken this trip was because I won a lucky draw from Digi Telco and received a RM500 travel voucher to be used at AirAsia

So I booked a 4 days 3 nights stay at The Beach Boutique Resort without much prior research and went there with my brother.

Upon touching down at Krabi Airport, first thing I did was buy a Sim card. I did some research and found that Happy Telco sim-cards were the best choice as it was only like 49baht for a pack and 300baht for unlimited data for a week. Unfortunately the shops over there did not have it and I asked for the next best thing and found out much later that it didn't have 3G services, only Edge network. Furthermore it wasn't unlimited and I burned thru 60% of my credit the first day in without knowing what is happening.

After getting a sim-card we rented a cab to Had Yao which costed like 600 baht one-way and one the way there the cab driver told us that Had Yao was a really secluded area (First warning sign) and on the way there I noticed from the highway roads it turned into a really run down roads and there wasn't much sign of civilization as we drove on.

When we finally reached the resort area, there wasn't a single shop to be seen within 15 minutes and we were basically at the most remote corner of Krabi.

We checked into the resort and the room was cosy and had good Wi-Fi connection, but there was barely anyone around.

How our room looked like.

Two hours in and all I did was watch Thai TV while my brother was sitting in-front of his Laptop playing games. I was bored out of my mind and didn't even have the mood to take any more pictures of the place. I had to do something before my brain started to rot.

So what we did next was really unplanned. We booked a taxi to get us from Had Yao all the way to Ao Nang (Which costed like 800 baht 1 way) and told the receptionist we were checking out. Which costed me 165 USD to book and couldn't get a refund because it was booked thru Agoda.

Don't get me wrong, The resort didn't have any problem, it was us. It was meant to be a couples retreat and that was probably why we left, there was basically nothing to do alone since all my brother wanted to do was sit in-front of the laptop. Though I could have raided their library of books and dvds if I wanted but this wasn't a relaxing trip, I wanted it to be something exciting and wild.

So off we went to Ao Nang and once we reached, the entire atmosphere of the place was so different, CIVILIZATION! There was tourists everywhere walking about. I couldn't be any happier (Maybe if I could have gotten part of my prior booking money back I would be happier)

We checked into The Small Hotel and decided it was the right choice to ditch Had Yao

2012-08-01 10.08.31

They had a pool right outside the room's balcony! We could basically just jump out of our room and into the pool if we wanted to. My favorite spot to chill out as the Wi-Fi signal was much much stronger outside than in the room.

2012-08-01 17.50.08
There was also another pool on the roof of the hotel. But I didn't really hangout here as the Wi-Fi signals were kinda weak here.

I was really hungry upon reaching Ao Nang and this was the first thing I ordered.

2012-08-01 14.39.25

Costed like 50 baht and it's basically a crispy roti canai covered with Nutella.

Had a chat with the friendly Thai uncle peddling this and when he found out I was from Malaysia he mentioned something about having relatives in Terrenganu or something and we spoke a little BM while conversing. 

Shortly after we booked an Island hopping package for the next day for around 1300 baht per person. Which was really cheap as we had snorkel session, kayaking and lunch was provided.

2012-08-01 14.53.22
Sitting at the pier just chilling alone with some snacks and just feeling the breeze and people watch.

The first day in Krabi wasn't really outstanding and all I did was walk around the area to check out some of the wares and it was basically just a tourist spot with shops selling T-shirts and souvenirs. I ended up just walking from one end to another and took a nap in the room until night time.

I heard from the hotel frontdesk that there was a good drinking spot right smack in the middle of the area and so I took a walk there close to midnight and found a whole lot of bars there. Regretting that I didn't take much pictures then but then again hindsight is 20-20.

So I chose to hang out at this bar called Rockz Bar or something because some Thai dude with dreadlocks approached me, what could go wrong right?

2012-08-02 00.05.07

Well indeed, it was a fun night although I was alone. He was rocking out classic rock songs such as AC/DC, Metallica, Guns'n'Roses. You can never go wrong with those bands. The cocktails and beers were really cheap too, at around 50 baht for a beer.

2012-08-02 00.21.56
At some point of the gig he even jumped up on the table for a solo. How hardcore could you get?

At the end of the session I think he drank too much as he stopped halfway thru a song and ran to the toilet and I could hear a loud gagging sound. Which was a sign for me to get going as I had a big day ahead of me and had to wake up really early to catch the boat. Tipped the band and went back to my room.

The walk back to the hotel took 10 minutes or so but I was constantly honked by the Tuktuk drivers asking me to get into it for a quick ride but I declined, although it was only like 10baht a trip.

End of Day 1


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