Monday, December 16, 2013

A Krabi Trip (Day 2)

Day 2 started with us waking slightly later than we wanted to.

We rushed for breakfast and then waited for the van to bring us to the pier.

We took the long-tail boat instead of a speed boat because it was cheaper but looking back I should have picked the speed boat as it's much faster and much much comfortable. If there was one thing I could have told myself then was to BUY SUNSCREEN

An early selfie when we first started the journey.

During the beginning of the ride I couldn't contain my excitement inside. I was in a foreign land and now travelling around on a boat. With every tide hitting the boat I was growing more and more excited and couldn't wait to see things.

Sat infront of the boat so I could see everything first. Our first destination was Phi Phi Islands.


One of the tour guides


A candid shot of another expat tourists.

DSCF5047 DSCF5055 DSCF5058 DSCF5059 DSCF5062 DSCF5063
A couple of shots of desserted islands while on the way to Phi-Phi.


The brother who was so gung-ho about not sitting inside the shades.

More island shots :

DSCF5066  DSCF5073 DSCF5074 DSCF5075 DSCF5079 DSCF5077 DSCF5082 DSCF5083

Can't remember the name of all the islands we visited but the first place we reach was located directly in the middle of the island which had only 1 entry in and out :


There was no shore for us to land over there but we were allowed to take a swim as the water was rather clear and cool. Sadly the photos taken were gone when one of my HDDs failed and couldn't be recovered.

The crowded long-tail boat we sat at. Notice one of them holding a Starfish we found.

After the short swim we reached Phi-Phi island where we were given snorkeling sets and were told to gather at a place after an hour for our Kayak session. There was a lot of tourists there and about 10 to 15 boats at all times going around ferrying people back and forth. 

The Kayak session was awesome but tiring. We peddled around the outer corners of the island (it was a 2 person Kayak so we had to work together) and the waves got stronger and stronger as we went further, the wind was also unforgiving as it kept blowing us out to the sea. If we gave up peddling then we would have been swept by the current and into the ocean, which made it even more exciting but halfway thru the journey our guide asked us to peddle back and forget our route as the winds were getting too dangerous to continue on. It was around this time my back started to burn from the sun and lack of sunscreen ointments.

Upon reaching back I thought I could prevent further sunburn by snorkeling underwater for a long period of time but I think the water amplifies the effect of the sun instead of reducing it and hence giving me a really bad sunburn on my back and shoulders.

We ran into a Komodo Dragon while having our lunch, though nothing much came of it.

We went to a few more islands after that but I was getting exhausted by then and didn't really care much about it and every time we reached a different island I just took a spot and rested there while occasionally taking in the eye-candies. Finally when we were on the boat getting back to Ao Nang the weather turned nasty and the waves was hitting the boat relentlessly, that was when I didn't feel adventurous anymore and wanted to just get back to my bed ASAP. Was getting a little bit seasick at this point.

Upon reaching back to the hotel, we were told that we would be given complimentary full body massage at our room.

I was elated, just what I needed, a good massage after a long day out at the sea. But suddenly me and my brother wondered if it was the dodgy kind of massage which came with happy endings. It would be super awkward since me and him would be in the same room.

When the masseurs came all doubts were clear, since they were well built like sumo wrestlers.We were asked to strip down to undies.The full-body massage went on for nearly an hour. There was definitely grunting and screaming but it was due to the way they twisted my body and put it at positions I never knew could be put at. At the end of the massage session I felt really relaxed and carefree, but due to the exhaustion from the waves we fell asleep straightaway when they left the room and it was only 5pm. I remember the TV was turned on the entire night and it was on Cartoon Network.

End of Day 2

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