Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Krabi Trip (Day 3)

Wasted the previous night as we slept from 5pm up until 3pm the next day. Woke up with a soaring pain on my back due to sunburn. The brother was still asleep so I went out on my own to get some food as I was starving from the lack of dinner and breakfast.

2012-08-01 14.34.11
In Ao Nang they had this area where they sold snacks and tit-bids from 3pm till evening.

2012-08-01 14.34.50

2012-08-01 14.36.33
The first thing I ordered, fried prawns in batter. Nothing special but it did fill up my stomach. Though slightly costly at 80baht for one bowl.

2012-08-01 15.00.29
This stall was selling some kind of Thai Ayam percik and fried fishes I believe.

After getting some food I headed down to the pharmacy to get something for the sunburn (now when I think about it I think I had some rash as well which made my back unbearable) and bought some Aloe Vera ointments along with some medicines for the rash. An advice here, prevention is better than cure. The Aloe Vera simply did not help much with the pain.

Brought back some of the food into the room as I needed another shower from the heat and it was causing my back to itch more :

2012-08-01 14.36.42 2012-08-01 15.11.552012-08-01 15.13.03

Decided to hide in the room until the sun came down. Since it was our final night in Krabi, the brother finally decided to go out with me to get dinner and we headed down to this Pizza place which was running a promotion of 150 baht for a pizza!

2012-08-01 22.46.40 2012-08-01 22.46.49

Unlike the pizzas I had at Koh Samui, the pizzas offered here was HUGE and very filling for the both of us as we ordered a pizza each. Which was pitiful by comparison.

After dinner we decided to go bar hopping and at each different bar we bought and downed a cocktail. It was going to turn into an interesting night. The first bar we hit was the same one I went to the first night because the Thai dude with the dreadlocks recognized me.

We also took a peek at this really dodgy bar where the bouncer kept urging us in and kept doing a hand-bra gesture. We took a quick peep and got the fuck out of there as soon as we could when we saw half-naked trannies dancing at the stage.

2012-08-01 23.26.30

Finally after some heavy drinking we decided to stay at this bar that was located at the upper levels as they had a full life band that was pretty good when we entered. 

We also got to meet an interesting expat tourist who came in with an obvious tranny and he kept on saying he loved her. If I recall correctly his name was Albert and was from Russia judging from the accent. Albert was larger than life and spotted the Steve Austin haircut, and kept buying everyone drinks the whole night.

2012-08-02 00.07.06

I honestly don't remember how much we had that night but when we were done everything around was closed and we had to walk back to the hotel as there wasn't a single TukTuk in sight. Somebody committed public indecency and went loo at some plotted plants and I manage to catch a video of that. 

 It was a fun last night in Krabi which started off not so exciting, not a bad ending I must say. We ended up falling asleep as soon as we reached our room once again.

End of Day 3

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