Friday, December 20, 2013

A Krabi Trip (Day 4) Last day

It was our last day in Krabi, we woke up slightly late again and rushed to pack all our belongings, after a quick breakfast of course. Manage to pack and check-out in time when our van arrived to pick us up for a day-tour around Krabi before heading to the airport.

Our first destination, a marine park that turned out to be just mediocre.

It was another sunny day in Krabi and I manage to get some good shots with my Point-and-shoot camera except when it's indoor.

What greeted us at the entrance of the marine fish hatchery. Look at how happy I look


DSCF5121 DSCF5112 DSCF5106 DSCF5102 DSCF5118DSCF5096

One of the highlights of the place, a really huge stingray which was pretty close to us, but couldn't manage to touch it as it was a pretty steep climb down.

After 30 minutes or so at the marine fish hatchery they took us into Krabi Town, and gave us some time to walk around and do some last-minute shopping, first place we went into was a department store which was one of the handful of places with air-conditioning, I just couldn't stand the heat due to the rashes and sunburns from the previous days.

Somehow we ended up ordering some KFC while enjoying the air-cond. They had a fried chicken promotion where it was only 40baht for two pieces of chicken so I decided to give it a go :

2012-08-02 11.15.33 2012-08-02 11.05.10 2012-08-02 11.17.53

Guess I'd rather stick with the regular KFC menu items next time.

DSCF5128 DSCF5130

After cooling off we ventured out of the department store and bought some street food and some magazines, as well as walked all around the streets looking for something interesting to see/eat/buy but sadly nothing came up (also lack of pictures because HDD failed and DSLR quality pictures were all lost so only PnS pictures)

It was lunch time by the time the van picked us up and they brought us to a popular food spot called "Rain House Duck Noodles" which apparently serves only Thai styled Duck Noodles and Seafood Fried Rice. 


The restaurant was just a wooden attap hut built on-top of a pond which was located in the middle of nowhere, but just ask any tour-guides and they should know this place for their famous duck noodles 

There were plenty of fishes below the restaurant and just toss some breadcrumbs and a feeding frenzy will surely ensue.

Thai Styled Duck Noodles, the amount of duck meat were generous although I didn't try it.

Thai Styled Seafood Fried Rice

This was what I ordered instead and I initially didn't expect anything special but on my first bite I instantly fell in love with this dish and my search for a similar fried rice has begun. Although containing only basic ingredients, the eggs were soft and not burnt with the rice, the amount of prawns and crabs was generous. 1 plate just wasn't enough for me.

After lunch we were brought to a Buddhist Temple as we still had a wee bit more time before boarding time.


Unfortunately when we were there the place was undergoing a small renovation and we were unable to enter. But there was plenty of cool sculptures outside

A huge dong, I have no idea what I pose I was doing.

DSCF5146 DSCF5147 
DSCF5159DSCF5151 DSCF5152 DSCF5154
DSCF5153 DSCF5150

A really nice plant that takes on the shape of an elephant, would really like to see how it was done. 


After the temple visit we headed to the airport and boarded our flight back to KL, which took only an hour. Though I wish I could have taken much much more pictures and had better company, I will be back again soon.

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