Friday, December 20, 2013

A SIGNATURE STYLE CHRISTMAS : Chocolate Guinness Delight and other Guinness Foreign Extra Stout cocktail / GIVEAWAY

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With Christmas around the corner, there is no doubt that everyone have already planned on how they will be celebrating it. But if you still haven't yet planned anything, no fret. You can always spend it at home with your loved one with a specially personal home-made meal.

Well if you're looking for something to cook this Christmas I'm afraid I can't help you, as anybody who knows me knows that I can't cook a gourmet meal to save my life. But I do have some cocktail recipes that will definitely knock her (or his) socks off, and best of all, doesn't cost you much for the ingredients nor require you to have a P.H.D in cooking.  :

2013-12-20 21.43.50
I'm also giving away 2 crates of Guinness Stout beer so read on to learn how you can win yourself an extra Christmas gift this year!

Chocolate Guinness Delight (2 servings)
A really simple concoction that only requires roughly 15 minutes preparation. Perfect for those that love a chocolaty alcoholic cocktail with just a hint of Guinness 
2013-12-20 21.05.01


  • Half a cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 oz Van Houten semisweet chocolate (Dark)
  • 1 can of Guinness Stout


1) Heat up the sauce pan, in low heat
Low heat is a very important factor here because we don't want burnt up chocolate
2013-12-20 21.06.30

2) Melt condensed milk and chocolate
Milk first then chocolate, stir gently and avoid letting the chocolate sit too long at one place to avoid burning it.
2013-12-20 21.10.27

3) Remove from heat and whisk condensed milk and chocolate
Remove the mixture from the heat and onto a bowl, be careful as the chocolate can be very very hot at this point.
2013-12-20 21.13.26

4) Set it aside for 10 minutes to allow mixture to cool down
You don't want to serve a boiling hot cocktail to your date and risk burning her tongue

5)Pour a can of Guinness over the chocolate mixture and stir until it's well combined
Remember to use a big glass first to mix everything in. Pour Guinness into the glass gently to avoid excessive foaming.

6) Divide equally into 2 glasses

2013-12-20 21.35.112013-12-20 21.35.23

7) Garnish with shaved chocolate and serve

2013-12-20 21.43.44

And we're done! Wasn't that easy?
Well that's not all! Because Christmas is coming along and it's the time of giving and I'll be giving away A CRATE OF GUINNESS FOREIGN EXTRA STOUT to 2 LUCKY READERS

What you need to do is show me your GUINNESS SIGNATURE STYLE RECIPE and stand a chance to win!

1) Share your own cocktail / dessert recipe using GUINNESS as an ingredient (A picture of it will definitely be a plus)
2) Post it up at your Facebook and hashtag #celebrationofmore #Signaturestyle (make sure posting is on public) with the caption it with " I wanna win a crate of Guinness from !"
3) Copy and paste the FB link in the comment box below along with your Name and email address!

The 2 most interesting entry wins a crate of Guinness containing 24 cans.
Contest ends 25th December 2013 9PM time's running short so start brainstorming now!

Terms and condition:
1) Participates must fulfill all requirements stated above or I will have the right to disqualify you from this giveaway
2) Winners will be contacted via email/facebook and must respond within 1 month or the prize will go to the next person.

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