Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Techduology Live 2013 with Smashpop & Ben @ Coffee Bean SS15

Last weekend I attended the Techduology Live session at SS15 Coffee Bean. If you haven't heard of it before, Techduology is a tech show hosted by Smashpop & Ben over the web which has spanned over 66 episodes to date! With every episode they introduced the public to the latest gadgets and technology with a touch of Malaysian comedy where we have all come to known and love.

Well this live session is no different, except they had a special guest, the local comedian act Kuah Jen Han. Which was a fun guest seeing how they try to out-'comedy' each other at every chance.

We reached just on time and there was already a lot of people lining up to register themselves. The ones who brought the most friend were given a Jabra Solemate Mini Bluetooth NFC speaker

The live session went on around 3 hours long but it just flew by IMO because the way they presented the gadgets and their features were just so entertaining and captivating, not to mention the comedic banters by the trio
They showcased the Sony MDR1RBT Wireless Bluetooth Prestige Headphone on that day, a  high-end wireless headphone from Sony, retailing at about RM1500++. Which they gave one away to a lucky participant for singing in front of the crowd.

One of the gadgets that caught my attention was the Nokia Lumia 1020. To be honest I did not pay attention to Nokia's development for the past few years and was surprised at their latest innovations.

One of the features the Techduo presented was the 1020's ability to refocus on any subjects within the photo AFTER the photo was taken, and if the photo was zoomed in you could Un-Zoom it, so to speak. My mind was blown.

1020's ability to refocus after images were taken.

Another one of the 1020's camera feature were the stabilization function, Lumia 1020's camera is lined with tiny ball bearings that will help stabilize photo and video capture. Besides having just a 41 Megapixel camera crammed in, Nokia certainly have outdone themselves with the 1020

There was more gadgets shown but I only have time to list the few, if you're interested in finding out the other gadgets that were showcased, head on over to when they release the 67th episode special!

Samuel won himself a Lumia 1020 that day from the Instagram contest. Jeles betul :(

The GF won herself the AWSM project T-shirt  

While I myself got a Casetagram case for my Galaxy S4, Casetagram for those who dont' know, is a Phone case maker company that lets you print your own picture on the shell via instagram

There was also endless refreshments available served by Coffee Bean!

Bumped into Ken there, didn't know he was a tech junkie, I thought he was just a kaki raver lol

I certainly enjoyed myself that Saturday, they gave out a ton of goodies and gadgets and I was lucky enough to get a Casetagram casing. Though it's their final Techduo episode, they did mention that there will be a different series coming up next year.

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