Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A quick December 2013 recap

So last December has been really good to me, due to the many packed events in that month alone and all the shopping and gifts. Everything seems to be over as soon as it started but that's how it is when you're enjoying yourself. Here's a recap of everything's that happened :
(All pictures were taken with the Galaxy S4)

A Christmas party at Carlsberg Brewery, bloody fun. Had to try all the difference brews they had, From Asahi Super Dry to Somersby. Must be fun working in the brewery and having access to the bar afterwork, had a really awesome time with the Carlsberg people. Special mention to Calvin Khoo the Brand manager of Asahi for headlining that night as the DJ.

Had this awesome little book which gave me buy 1 free 1 meals which really helps in saving money especially in 2014 when the price of everything from electricity to sugar is raising. Will be doing a more in-depth write-up on this really soon. So stay tuned!

Nasi Ganja or otherwise known as Nasi Ayam Singapura, which basically is fried chicken drenched with curry and sambal, had it at the lorong between Wisma Genting and Wisman Cosway, which I have been craving since 3-4 years back when I stopped working nearby. 

2nd Christmas tree at the Haagen Dazs Christmas Party. Stuffed my face full with ice-cream that night as well as had Gangnam Korean BBQ that night, there goes my weight.

 Saw this keyboard online and couldn't resist not having it, it's a special edition Ducky Shine 3 keyboard and isn't available yet so I pre-ordered it. Costed me quite a bit of moolah as it's a mechanical keyboard.

Had a mini getaway to Hotel Majestic, which is just located near KL Sentral. Took my latest B Duck collection, which is a small suitcase bought from HK by a colleague.

 Our hotel room at Hotel Majestic, very nice and cosy, even came with Crabtree & Evelyn toiletries. Though we only stayed for a night, will be back again some time next year hopefully

The giant Christmas tree at Hotel Majestic, taken shortly after breakfast

 Rave time, Thirst 2013. As with all raves, this one was totally packed and awesome! David Guetta was the main line-up, was really exhausted after that night but had some great company of friends who were raving harder than I was (Left way earlier than them)

Went to Petaling Street and saw this gem at the bookstore there, the kind of Calendar my grandmother used to have at her house hanging by the power switches at the door. Though I have no idea how to use it besides just seeing the date as I tear one off each day, someone told me that you can use it as a daily fortune/horoscope reading but it's all in mandarin.

My winning pose with the Christmas tree at the Roof. Which won me a tower of Carlsberg. 

 A christmas gift from the girlfriend, which will be useful for drinking games, I foresee a lot of drinks to be had when this is brought out because it's so damn hard even when I'm sober.

 Another Christmas gift which almost broke my back while I was trying to bring them up to the house. The contents :

More booze yay >_>. At this rate my room will be filled with beers and my dad will probably think i'm a raging alcoholic or something (Swear I'm not!, stop giving me shit lol)

Finally got to try Johnny Rockets after bugging the GF to let me have it after a few weeks. Didn't really enjoy the Milkshakes though but loved the burgers. Was a little pricier than standard burger joints but it's to be expected since it's at the same range as TGI and Chillis, one thing that sets them apart is their dancing routines every 30 minutes and the workers seem to be really happy about it (except that one woman who gave me the black face when I asked for my milkshake to be changed because there was some kind of rubbery substance in it)

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