Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cat Café / Country Pet Hotel @ Danau Kota, Setapak KL

Heard about this place a few days ago via TimeoutKL's website and couldn't wait to check it out myself. I've heard of Cat Cafes before last time but they were located all the way in Japan

So what is a Cat Cafe? The idea is that it's a place where you can have a cup of coffee and to play with cats that are living in the cafe. Kind of like Maid cafes but it's the other way around. You're taking care of the cats while you're there and to provide THEM entertainment, but the overall cuteness of the cats totally makes up for it

As a person who can barely take care of myself, the Cat Cafe is the perfect for someone who loves playing with animals for a short period of time minus the responsibility of feeding,cleaning and grooming a cat.


Cat Cafe / Country Pet Hotel 
Address : 60, Plaza Crystal Ville @ Setapak,Jalan Danau Niaga Satu, Taman Danau Kota, 55300 Genting Klang, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday 11am - 10pm
Contact : 03-4131 3348
Pricing : RM14.50 an hour per person (Inclusive of a drink)

The Cat Cafe is situated at Plaza Crystal Ville, which is just situated just between PV128 and The Columbia Hospital at Danau Kota / Setapak. Right beside Pizza Hut delivery. So if you're coming from The Bulatan Pahang side, directly after passing PV128, turn left into the first available road and the Cat Cafe will be on your right hand side, but it's a one way road so you'll need to turn in from the other side (Where Williams Mamak is) to get a parking there. 


Before entering the premise, we were required to sanitize our hands and also to change into slippers that were provided at the doorstep.


The layout of the Cafe, it was smaller than I expected, besides having cats around the area, there is several cat playthings scattered around the cafe as well as a life sized cage for you to see how it feels like to be in a cage.

It's also worth mentioning that The Country Pet Hotel provides other services such as grooming,spa and accommodation for those who need a place to keep their pets whenever they're travelling.


The place itself could roughly fit around maybe 6-8 people, it's also worth noting that the place is rather dim but not too dark. So photos might not turn up as good as you expect them to be, it's also not encouraged to use flash as it'll scare the cats. When we were there, there was 6 cats loitering about. There was brushes and other grooming things located near the TV if you like grooming cats, but all of the cats ran away when I tried to groom them with the brush.


First thing you would notice upon entering the place is the smell, I really hope they will invest in a good air purifier in the future as some people get really turned off by the smell, then again those are the same people who aren't cat lovers.

The laziest feline there, the entire time while we were there she only sat on the table sleeping and lying about not doing anything particularly interesting.

This one had a stiff ear that wouldn't change it's shape no matter how much you pet it.

This one had a bumble-bee suit on, so cute lah

Each entry came with a free drink so I ordered Hot Mocha. Was rather disappointed by the amount given (as you can see above), then again we did not come here for the drinks so I guess that's okay. Then again, it's called a cafe and not a Zoo, one would expect a decent drink to be had.

Maybe they could improve on this and give an option to choose a cat snack that can be given to the customers to feed the cats in order to bait them over.

Though cold at first, it will take a little patience (and petting) before the cats warm up to you. I tried picking one up when I just arrived and it snarled at me, didn't want to risk a scratch so I didn't try anything funny.


Notice how their eyes change shape whenever they are curious

The smallest object would catch their attention. Cats are really cute and dumb at the same time haha









Though the cats were really adorable, one hour is more than enough for the average person. One thing that was missing there was a place for us to wash up after playing with all the cats, we were only provided the same sanitizer that were present during the start.

So would I recommend spending time at the Cat Cafe? Here's what I think, maybe once for the novelty but it quickly went away after an hour but If they did improve on the overall decor and the drinks as well as somehow get a bigger space and finally find a way to get rid of the heavy cat odour then I would consider going there regularly.

For more photos of my session at the Cat Cafe do chcek out my flickr album over here :


Henry Lee said...

I think it's tough for even cat lover to be interested to visit this cat cafe by looking at the place. It can't even compare to Thailand's outlet at all... cats are not supposed to be declaw bro. If it's that easy then everyone would be doing that to their cats now

Unknown said...

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