Monday, February 17, 2014

Ducky Shine 3 Ducky Yellow Limited Edition Unboxing (Mechanical Keyboard)

Ducky Shine 3 Ducky Yellow Limited Edition purchased from HeavyArm @ RM529

After months and months of waiting, I've finally gotten my hands on the Ducky Shine 3 Limited Edition Ducky Yellow. A version specially made to commemorate the huge yellow duck that's been travelling around the world.


Place of manufacture : Taiwan
Interface : USB
LED Color : White
Available Switches : Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, and Red
Keycaps : UV coated, lasered printed
Backlight modes : 7 total (including off)
Backlight area : Full (100%), and User customizable
Backlight effects : Full (100%), Breathing, Wave Marquee, Snake Marquee, Reactive mode, Ripple mode
Accessories : Dust cover, USB cable, keycap puller, red WASD keycaps, user manual
USB Acceleration : Adjustable USB repeat delay time and USB repeat rate

So what's the hoo-ha about mechanical keyboards? From an average user's point of view it's quite hard to describe the feeling in words but for lack of a better word, Mechanical Keyboards give a satisfying 'clicky' response whenever you use it. Kind of like the same feeling old typewriters give you back in the days. This is because under each key of a mechanical keyboard,there's a mechanical key switch mechanism. Compared to an ordinary keyboard, which only uses rubber dome membrane and the end result is an unsatisfying click.

Another feature about mechanical keyboards is that there's no limit on how many keys you can press at the same time unlike ordinary rubber dome membrane switches. Which is a reason why a lot of Gamers choose to use mechanical keyboards nowadays, being able to press a combination of different keys without the dreaded 'beep' warning.

The different types of Cherry Switches

When buying a Mechanical Keyboard, you are often faced with a choice of different set of cherry 'switches' in the keyboard itself which are labeled in colors and each have their own characteristics. For example, i've chosen the Cherry MX Blue switches for this keyboard, which has a very responsive click. To get a better understanding of each different Cherry MX switches go to this link : to learn more about other Cherry Switches available in the market.

Without further ado, here's the unboxing of the Ducky Shine 3 Yellow LE (Limited Edition)

On the back of the box, a simple description of the keyboard.

For this particular keyboard I've chosen the Cherry Blue MX switch for it's more audible typing clicks because I enjoy listening to the clicks of my own typing, although some may not appreciate it especially if they're sleeping

The front and the sides of the boxing. I really enjoy looking at the simple design of the box

Upon opening the box you won't find anything fancy, just the Keyboard and it's accessory at the sides.

The contents : The Keyboard itself, WASD red replacement keys, Key Cap remover, USB mini to USB cable, Manuals and Warranty Card

Tthe Ducky Shine 3 Yellow LE makes it seem like they'res no printed keys but if you look closely it's actually laser etched in. One of the selling point of the keyboard that made me buy it


The back of the keyboard, 4 rubber legs to prevent any movement during usage. Also the dip switch of the keyboard is located at the bottom. You can also route the USB cable to the left or right hand side of the keyboard if your keyboard sits too close to the monitor

The Dip Switch functions :

Switch 1 : Swaps left CTRL and CapsLock Keys
Switch 2 : Swaps Alt and Window Keys
Switch 3 : Disables Windows Key
Switch 4 : DEMO Mode (Puts the keyboard into Demo Mode, hence no signals will be sent to the computer whenever any keys is pressed)

The mini-USB port, found it a bit hard to insert the cables in sometimes

2014-02-12 22.40.28
The new keyboard being used at my desktop. With accompanying ducky figurines.

Lighting Modes

The Ducky Shine 3 has 7 different lighting modes available, a reason why it's priced at a premium as compared to other mechanical keyboards is that each switch's light can be programmed individually and it comes with all these lighting modes :

1) 100% all backlights on 
2014-02-16 18.54.17
2) Breathing Mode
3) Wave Marquee Mode
4) Snake Marquee Mode
5) Reactive Mode
All keystrokes will light up whenever it's pressed and turned off after a second
6) Ripple Mode
7) Aurora Lighting Mode

I've been using the Ducky Shine 3 for at least a week now and I've got to say that I really like the feel of it, although compared to my previous keyboard (The Logitech G15V2 gaming keyboard) I've lost the additional macro keys and a small mini-LCD info panel. But no buyer's regret here.

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